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So Ferrett Steinmetz posted a link to Alamo Draft House Cinema in Austen TX doing all six Hobbit and LOTR movies. A marathon.

I know that Celebration North did all three Hobbits when The Battle of the Five Armies came out. And all eight Harry Potters when 7.2 came out. So all six Middle Earth's? Sure why not. But oh, it gets better.
For years our annual LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy feast has been one of the highlights we look forward to sharing with you.

For those who've never heard of this life-changing quest and/or don't know a hobbit from a hobo, well, here's the deal: At the LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY FEAST, we snuggle up together in the theater and brave our way through the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy all while devouring food and imbibing drink inspired by Tolkien's Middle Earth!

Now, with the release of the entire HOBBIT trilogy we knew what we had to do...

We are now presenting, for the very first time, THE COMPLETE MIDDLE EARTH SAGA FEAST! That's right, we're showing all six of Peter Jackson's Middle Earth films and we're pairing it all with a nine-course feast!

Each of the seven courses is served during Hobbit meal times (which is pretty much ALL the time)! When we reach the end of this epic journey, you too will be ready to return to the Shire and be greeted as a hero by your loved ones who didn't think you would make it all the way...and then pass out in a blissful food- and film-induced sleep.

So join us for this very special event, from "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit" to "I'm back."

First Breakfast
scrambled fresh hens eggs, nice crispy bacon, grilled mushrooms, cheese & scallion popovers
Fresh Orange Juice Mimosa

Second Breakfast
strawberries, honey, crème fraiche, candied basil
Meridian Hive Meadery Discovery Mead

sausage and tomatoes with cheeses, ale-braised cabbage and pickles
Shiner Cheer!

mushroom & herb stuffed pork loin, charred brussels, sweet potato
Meridian Hive Meadery Frontier Dry Hopped Mead

Halfway to Tea Time
pickles and cheese, sweet soda bread
Live Oak HefeWeizen

Afternoon Tea
baby greens with orange-thyme vinaigrette, strawberry- goat cheese galette, sea salted shortbread and gingersnaps
Hot Tea. Add a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey for $6

stewed lamb leg with taters, root vegetables, leek, crusty bread
Guinness Stout

swirl of carrot and parsnip soups, scallion oil, mushroom turnover
Chalone Vineyards Pinot Noir

apple & walnut tart , fresh cream
Fair Trade Middle Earth Shire Blend Coffee
Sigh. Want.

This includes meals ($145) or meals and beverages ($175). Start time 7am. The funniest part? Runtime 1200 minutes. !!!! That's twenty hours, folks. End at 3am. 2 January 2015. WANT.

There's an Alamo in Kalamazoo, and while they're going to show the controversial The Interview, I haven't found yet that they're doing the Hobbit/LOTR.

Back before The Phantom Menace, George Lucas allowed theatres to do special marathons of Star Wars-The Empire Strikes Back-The Return of the Jedi, provided the proceeds went to charity. So we thought we were special for seeing all three Star Wars movies (IV, V, VI) back-to-back-to-back in the old huge Studio 28 Theatre 1 in Grand Rapids years ago. Started at 10am. Tickets for all three were $15 and included a coupon for a free medium popcorn and drink. There were intermissions between movies for bathroom and with two coupons, popcorn runs. When we got out, after all day in space, the summer sunshine was a complete surprise.

Now, put this on steroids and set it in Middle Earth and not space....

But you do know there will be marathons before we get Episode VII... (evil-Sith-grin)

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