They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Gas


I coulda paid 89¢/gal for gas today. But I didn't.

Let me explain.

I'd mentioned earlier that Family Fare had managed to run behind the swift swell of history. In other words, their $1.99.9/gal special coupons got run over by gas $1.99.9/gal and cheaper. Oops. So yesterday, Mrs. Dr. Phil stopped by the front desk and asked if they were aware that the coupons they'd handed out as part of their Fuel Rewards program had expired while being worthless.

The manager said, Huh.

Me? I'm amazed that the good frugal bargain hunters of West Michigan hadn't brought thus up, but maybe everyone is still thrilled/stunned by the dropping gas prices.

At any rate, without begging, prompting or expectations, the manager rang up two 50¢/gal coupons. Bonus. So today I needed to fill the Blazer. And gas was down to $1.89.9/gal.

For the record, with the two coupons, that's:
$0.89.9/gal for regular, $1.04.9/gal for midgrade and $1.19.9/gal for premium.

I coulda had $0.89.9/gal, but the Blazer is up there in years and I've been feeding it midgrade.

17.159 gallons for $18.00 even.

Been a long time since the digits on the pump have moved this slow.

Mlive showed a local gas station at $1.66.9/gal. Crude dropped another dollar a barrel. They say the national average is $2.26.9, so whatever's going on in West Michigan is an anomaly. In the right direction for once.

I don't expect this to last. But it is amusing while it lasts. And durn it, I'm not teaching, so I can't even turn this windfall into any profit! (grin)

Dr. Phil

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