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Way to show how classy you are, Seminoles. When you lose, most of the team goes straight in the locker room -- No midfield handshakes. Let's set examples for the youth of America and train them to be arrogant spoilsports. Wonderful.

Well, what do expect from a crowing NFL team masquerading in NCAA Division I? There are a lot of teams that I like or appreciate. There are few teams I hate. These guys had already made my list. And now I have another reason. Good job guys.

Oregon Ducks-59 Florida State Seminoles-20

So... the dreaded BCS Bowl Championship Series is kaput. Everyone wanted a True National NCAA Division I Champion, which was an iffy thing some years based on the vagaries of the Traditional New Year's Day bowl games. But the BCS? In the interest of being "fair", it wasn't just that it satisfied no one -- often the hallmark of a good compromise -- but it was BAD.

You know, I liked the Traditional bowls. I particularly like the bowl games that had invites to a pair of conferences. The Rose Bowl didn't become the granddaddy of them all by courting top teams. You knew it was going to be Big 10 versus Pac 10 -- and you couldn't go two years in a row. A great finish to the year.

Now with both the hated BCS and the New and Improved FCS, the Rose Bowl can be borrowed to steal its prestige value.

Thus we got Oregon versus Florida State.

Well, one Pac 10 team. The Big 10 team plays later. We could have the Traditional Rose Bowl in the National Championship. But as I write this, The Ohio State University needs to suck it up, based on the last score I saw.


At least we have partially restored the sanctity of the New Year's big bowl games.

Alas, we haven't ended the drive-into-January-just-one-more-bowl-game mentality.

I mean, it probably wouldn't matter to an NFL pro team like a Florida State, but can't we let these students actually attend some classes in January? (dissatisfied-grin)

And let New Year's Day regain its magical cachet.

Dr. Phil

PS -- Oh, and adding insult to injury, just like a complaint I had with Monday Night Football, the beloved Rose Bowl has been relegated to ESPN. While ESPN does a fine job, don't get me wrong, I'm an old fogey and regular cable doesn't have that premium cachet.
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