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Pinterest Joins The Shit List

A link from Google sent me to a Pinterest page. This is on the Kindle Fire HD, using the Silk browser. After a few seconds of displaying what I wanted to see, a screen comes up and covers the whole page:

Pinterest works best if you switch to our app

There is one choice -- Continue -- or maybe there's a Cancel, hidden under the graphic of the mobile app running on some smart phone. Program much, guys? Seems to me, if you think the setup on MY machine is inadequate, wouldn't you keep it, oh I don't know let's go crazy here and suggest, Keep It Simple Stupid? Come on, all my Physics students know the KISS Principle -- it's a variation on Occamm's Razor.

The implication is, click on Continue and Pinterest will bring in the app. The hell I'm going to click on that. Remember, the Kindle Fire HD is a quasi-Android device -- direct Android downloads don't install. You're supposed to go through the Amazon Kindle Fire OS store.

No big deal, Amazon is a niche player and they've only ever sold Kindle Fires to half a dozen people, why code for it?

I D I O T S .

Those three-and-a-half of you who read my rants, know the next stanza of this bitter song:

The Silk browser on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD is a full function browser, doing most of the things I can do with any browser save Internet Explorer on a Windows machine. Silk promises to give me the real Internet. It's my machine. Shouldn't it be MY goddamned CHOICE to use a browser or your app? Period? End of story?

So far I haven't signed up for Pinterest. But here's where real programming come in -- you wanna sell your product, be kind and show us why. We don't like being forcefed anything.

If this new development suddenly means I can't go glance at a Pinterest page in Silk, I am going to be real pissed.

Pinterest, do you have anyone monitoring social media? Get. A. Clue.

Dr. Phil
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