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A Quiet Write

This last week has been pretty quiet on the great YA novel writing project. Except, not really.

As mentioned last week, I finally pushed my first little darling out into the world, providing a short story A Christmas in the Lost Kingdom (DW) -- also in a PDF.

This week I delved into the next week and delivered A New Year's in the Lost Kingdom (DW) -- also in a PDF.

Right now those are pieces of Chapters 9 and 10. I intend to read from Chapters 1 and 2 for my reading at ConFusion (DW) in mid-January. And that should be it for sneak peeks at The Lost Kingdom for a long time.

So, lots of writing, a bit of web publication -- and virtually no feedback from anyone so far. Sigh.

Also this week, I had to finish my WOTF 2015 Q1 submission and get it submitted before the new year steamrolled over us. And I just spent the last couple of days reviewing all my available Invenstory and printed out the whole list of short story markets from Ralans, as I gear up for another big assault on all the markets and work on any number of projects. Plus the YA novel -- not forgetting that. But I deliberately put almost zero time in anything else since September, since I didn't want to be distracted by space stories and other plot bunnies while I made a big effort on The Lost Kingdom. And finished my two classes. A good plan and well executed. The plot bunnies had much fodder with The Lost Kingdom and stayed in the 21st century and left the 22nd and 29th centuries alone...

Researches were scarce for this project: a lovely website with 1000 Danish surnames and the 1927 lyrics to "Skuld gammel venskab rejn forgo" (check out the New Year's story and sing along) (and Wikipedia reports "Aakjær translated the song into the Danish dialect Jysk, a dialect from the Danish peninsula Jutland, often hard to understand for other Danes." Just to get it to have the right feel.)

The other researches had to do with other stories -- and given the blind submission to WOTF, I shan't let you in on what I needed for my new story.

Since I haven't yet integrated the two holiday short stories back into the trilogy, I won't break it down by volume, but instead just give the shiny counter for the total:

The Lost Kingdom Project YA Trilogy Version 1.06

This coming week will be all about the writing, well, mainly about the writing. The week after is when Western starts back to school, so I'll start including my textbook project during part of the day.

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