They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Our Saturdays Are Ruined

We've been in this house twenty-some years. We've had a Saturday routine for ages, the current model is, I believe a little over ten years old:
WGVU-FM, our local NPR station

 8-10 Weekend Edition Saturday
10-11 Cartalk
11- 1 Whadya Know With Michael Feldman
 1- 2 Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, The NPR News Quiz

Then try to turn off the radio before getting sucked into 
Ira Glass's vortex...

 2- 3 This American Life

(But we often fail...)

Alas, our idyll is ruined. With the new year our genius radio station decided a new line up was in order.

Wait, Wait is now at 10. Then This American Life. Car Talk is at 2.

They've added in The Moth Radio Hour and some distillation of TED Talks. Nothing wrong with these shows, but we're heavily invested in Michael Feldman, dammit. And we always had lunch with Wait, Wait.

Changes, for no good reason, we hates them we does, my precious! Tricksy NPR stations!

Our newspaper is about to be the source of another rant.

2015 is starting off fucked up.

Dr. Phil
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