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MBPI Resolutions

Talk about the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator and reactions are always fairly polarized. Look, trying to break all of humanity into 16 groups (more if add in the X as indeterminate for any of the four dichotomies) is always going to be problematic and an oversimplification. The real problem with Myers-Briggs is that it gets cheerfully adopted and used by the likes of HR people to justify things it was specifically NOT designed for, such as hiring decisions. What it is better at is understanding the working relationships between two disparate individuals.

Since Mrs. Dr. Phil first ran into this in the late 80s at Michigan Tech, we've been amused by it. We had a trip to Marquette and back, listening to this one set of tapes describing the interactions between types of inter-MBPI marriages. The piece was really funny and the INTP/INTJ version was humorously prescient.

Which leads me to this bit of nonsense for the first Monday of 2015. Myers-Briggs New Year's resolutions:

“I resolve to find practical implications for my work since the physical world does, unfortunately, exist.”

Outcome: Derives a theoretical implication for the practicality of their latest project and considers their resolution a success.

Who, me? Living in my head? Over analyzing everything? Moi?

Of course when I explained what I was doing, Mrs. Dr. Phil immediately asked about INTJ:

“I resolve to listen to the opinions of my less intelligent underlings.”

Outcome: Derives motivation from the opinions of commoners to fuel a series of research projects that prove everyone’s opinions to be indisputably wrong.

Yeah, I don't do New Year's resolutions either.

Dr. Phil
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