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Rose Bowl. In Texas. And Late.


So Monday night was the vaunted debut of the New NEW version of the NCAA Division I national football championship. The Oregon Ducks versus The Ohio State University Buckeyes. It was a fun game, but we didn't watch all of it. Not that there was a lot to watch elsewhere. Most broadcast and cable channels decided to drop back and punt on Monday night, putting up reruns and mini marathons of series.

Of course I've previously said that we could stop talking about national championships in D-I because there wasn't a playoff system. And that I missed having the college football season mostly finish *** on New Year's Day with all the big bowl games. To that I can add that that the new FBS -- Football Bowl Series -- is infinitely better than the previous stupid BCS -- Bowl Championship Series.

Better, but still flawed.

For all the crowing about returning the bowl games to New Year's Day, New Year's was on a Thursday and I distinctly remember more bowl games on Friday. Some of this has to do with the proliferation of bowls in the past, oh, twenty, thirty years. Partly I'm sure it's the I wanna stand out and have my own day for the So-Called SyFy Channel Sharknado Special Snowflake Incororated Bowl or whatever... a title completely devoid of any regional flair of a Cotton Bowl or Citrus Bowl or even a Motor City Bowl.

And this matchup of Oregon and Ohio State should have been the Rose Bowl. For most of my life the Rose Bowl has pitted the top Pac 10 and Big 10 teams, subject to the No Repeating rule. Then the BCS came and in some years co-opted the Rose Bowl for its own nefarious business.

But, you say, National Championship! Right. I call bullshit. It's hardly a playoff system with one set of games past the league championships. Look at Division II. Of course D-II doesn't play as many of those profitable games in the regular season or have NFL bye weeks. And while I am sure the Ducks missed classes, too, NPR this morning mentioned that Monday was the first day of the semester in Columbus. They were talking about a student fan -- nobody talks or cares about the classes missed by the participating student athletes.

Oh well.

Fun game. No Florida State. And yay for the Big 10 win.

Until next year, this is college football signing off. Let the handwringing begin...

Dr. Phil

*** There were always those Award Bowls like the Senior Bowl in mid January.

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