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ConFusion Turnabout is Fair Play

Well, we are home after a spectacularly successful Back to the ConFusion 2015 over on the east side of Michigan. Six panels -- moderated two -- and a reading. Okay, 10am on a Sunday is a sucky time for a reading. Next year I'll suggest that I get a better time lot, having served my time in Purgatory. (grin)

Late on Friday I posted some first looks at ConFusion -- pictures of Jim. C. Hines and Al Bogdan (DW). Now that I'm home, I can post their pictures of Dr. Phil from Friday.

We were, of course, in a photo duel, so I don't know if I was drawing my Nikon D1H to shoot, or putting the camera down having nailed the wild Jim Hines in a con habitat. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2015 Jim C. Hines (All Rights Reserved)

After promising to leave his cameras at home, Al showed up at the Detcon1 party and took two pictures. (grin) You can admire my newly mowed back beard. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2015 Al Bogdan (All Rights Reserved)

Despite a rough couple of years for going to cons -- missed WindyCon 2013 due to having just gotten out of 5½ months in hospital, ConFusion 2014 due to having just gotten back to work two weeks earlier and WindyCon 2014 due to dangerous road weather on this side of the lake -- I still managed to hit three cons in 2014. Penguicon on a daytrip in the beginning of May, WisCon in the end of May and Detcon1 in mid-July.

The funny thing about coming to Back to the ConFusion -- literally as well as figuratively since I missed last year -- is that I noticed a big change. I've been doing SF cons for over a dozen years now and have been on panels and had readings at most of these in the past decade. This weekend? I had a lot of people coming up to me both in meeting rooms and along the corridors, lots of people said Hello Dr. Phil, and some even said they were reading my blog.

I still need to start selling, i.e. finishing, those novels, but I really felt plugged into the SF/F pro community more than ever before.

They say that half the battle is just showing up and putting in the work. This year I felt it was really paying off.

Plus it was just plain fun. (big-grin)

Dr. Phil
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