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I Feel A Great Disturbance In The Force... And It's A Good Thing?

I'm a little late with posting this information, because I was a little busy gathering things up and getting ready to run to ConFusion over the weekend. But, there's a tectonic shift in the SF/F game as another major comes over to the Dark Side and takes electronic submissions permanently.

Just a few weeks ago I talked about C.C. Finlay taking e-subs for yet another special edition of F&SF (DW). Well, it turns out -- and it comes as no surprise to me other than timing -- that this might have all been an audition for Charlie to become the new editor. He wrote on his blog:
The new editor of F&SF...

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction has a new editor. You can read the announcement at Locus Magazine.

*reads the announcement*

The referenced announcement at Locus says:
Charles Coleman Finlay has been named editor of F&SF, beginning with the March-April 2015 issue. Finlay is well known as an author, and guest-edited an issue of the magazine in 2014. He takes over from Gordon Van Gelder, who will remain publisher.

Finlay is the ninth editor to helm The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction since its founding in 1949. Van Gelder took over as editor from Kristine Kathryn Rusch in 1997, and acquired the magazine from publisher Edward L. Ferman in 2001, becoming publisher as well...
Given that publishing dates and calendar dates often have little connection with each other, that March/April 2015 is said to be at the printers now, so that means C.C. Finlay, Editor, is officially atop the masthead.

When I first started submitting, there were four majors -- largish for SF/F circulations, well-known, pro rate paying and big enough to take large word counts and sometimes serialize or spawn great novels -- F&SF, Analog, Asimov's Science Fiction and Realms of Fantasy. Alas, Realms succumbed three or four times and now ROF is still dead. Analog and Asimov's are both owned by the same company and both switched to e-subs a few years ago. Gordon was a holdout on paper submissions during his whole reign. Which is perfectly fair, mind you. His magazine, his rules. You can decide to play by his rules or not. But standing on your principles isn't going to get you even rejected, let alone published.

Gordon -- you've done a great job at the helm of F&SF, both as editor and as taking over the publisher duties as well. Of course, despite a decade of pleasant correspondence since you were our Guest Editor at the 2004 Clarion workshop, you never bought my stuff. And I've sent you somewhere around 50 submissions. Come to think of it, Charlie hasn't bought anything either. And your former assistant editor, John Joseph Adams now running Lightspeed and various anthologies? Nope, nada, No Sale. So I think Charlie'll fit right in. (alas-o-grin)

Congratulations to all and may the 2015 run of The Magazine of Science Fiction be a good one.

Dr. Phil
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