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I've mentioned before that I am double-blogging these days. Compose over here on Dreamwidth and crosspost to LiveJournal. For a long time I was using the LJ link to blog entries to crosspost to Facebook, because for some reason, LJ links would get preview pictures and DW would not.

But something changed in the last couple of months -- no news there, Facebook has never met a harebrained "upgrade" they didn't like and immediately implement without ever once considering whether anyone ever wanted such a feature (bug) or even curious how its users might actually be USING FB to communicate -- and I noticed that FB wasn't doing a good job of showing preview pics. Also I do my blogging on Chrome and my Facebooking on Firefox. When I clicked on a link to a blog entry on Firefox, of course I wouldn't be logged into LJ or DW, and I discovered that LiveJournal was doing these really obnoxious Sign Up NOW For LiveJournal popups Every Single Damned Time. Yet Another LJ Fail In Place.

That's not fun.

So I started using the Dreamwidth links instead. Sometimes I get a preview pic of an icon or a picture -- but of course I can no longer CHOOSE which of several pics in a post that I get to use -- and sometimes I don't at first, but one shows up later. Who the hell knows what Facebook is doing?

ANYWAYS... the point of this post is that I ran into something I should have thought of it earlier. But really it's not completely my fault! See, the problem is that 99.9% of the comments that I get on blog posts is over on LiveJournal, mostly from other LJ users. Yesterday I got a nice bit of fanmail exchange with someone who'd been to my ConFusion panels in 2013 and 2015 AND has read some of my stuff online and needed to know the title and link to "Brooding in the Dark" published at Interstellar Fiction in November 2012 -- you can find all my Publications on my web site -- which was very cool. Even cooler, when I investigated the LJ user, they had created their account that day. Wow, set up an LJ just to comment. I'm either impressed or annoyed that LJ's popup signup ploy worked.

But there's that other 0.1% of comments, which show up on Dreamwidth. On both LJ and DW, I screen Anonymous comments. So today, I just happened to click on View Recent Comments on Dreamwidth and got three Anonymous posts from a friend of mine. First was on Tuesday, followed by another that said, "I could have sworn I replied to this, dang it." and repeated the first message. The third was also from the same friend commenting on another post.

So... (1) To Anne -- Sorry I left you so long in the Moderation Queue. You can see by the graphic above how long it's been since I've had anyone comment on Dreamwidth. And I didn't even have Moderation Hell stocked with Oreos and Jack Daniels. They are so hard to squeeze through those danged wires. (2) To All -- We'll try to do better. Especially with me using the Dreamwidth link over on Facebook, where most of y'all actually access my blog these days, as near as I can tell.

And hopefully it won't be another one or two weeks before I see your comments. (contrite-grin)

Dr. Phil
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