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Storm Fizzling

Ever since our snow days in November, we've been waiting for the hammer to fall. December had nearly no snow. And despite a snowy start, January has had some icy sloppy driving conditions, but big snow producing storms? Just not on and on and on like last winter.

There's also been a lot of moving the goalposts.

Sunday in Allendale, the temps dropped from 27°F down to 9°F in the wee hours of 3am when I went to bed. Near or sub-zero in the morning, the temps bounced back up. It's 22°F right now, according to The Weather Channel app, and of the ten cities I'm currently tracking, only Bangor ME is colder at 12°F -- everyone else including Oslo, Helsinki and even Bodo, Norway, above the Arctic Circle are warmer.

Sunday and Monday's snow? Gone, never happened. The heavy snow tonight through Tuesday? Nope. Indeed, with sunshine now forecast, I may make Tuesday my office run day. Wednesday clear and 0% chance of anything and even Thursday's snow forecast is questionable.

Amazingly, the latest culprit is that damned nor'easter out east. A huge system, still not fully coalesced, with two big bands of energy coming in from the South, Winter Storm Juno is another Stormpocalypse. New York City expects to break its 26" in a day record or something like that. Boston is about to be sacked by Mother Nature. Much of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor will probably be shut down. Those high speed Acela trains probably suck in a blizzard. On the other hand, Wahington DC last I heard was going to escape all this shit, so there's no reason for Congress not to be busy and solve some actual real world problems, rather than made up shit, ... oh Fuck it. DC is going to escape punishment and they're probably going to be on vacation anyway...

But the Big storm has its tendrils out so far west, that the snow we should have gotten from North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin is either stalled or will spin around us. Hence our non life-threatening forecast changes.

It's possible New England might be without power for the Super Bowl. With the Patriots playing. A friend of Mrs. Dr. Phil's expressed sympathy to New Englanders, saying that a Patriots Super Bowl in the dark, would be "deflating". Ahem. (sn*cker)

January is quickly evaporating. Now we worry whether February, the longest month of the winter, will be our doom this year. Who knows? Gas jumped up 20¢/gallon the other day and we're still under two bucks a gallon. It's all a crap shoot.

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