They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Say, What?!?

What fresh new hell is this? Phone rings. Pause. Recording starts -- "This is Kate, Google+ Specialist. It is extremely urgent that we reach the owner of the business. We have tried to send you messages..." (*Click*)

Okay. First off, what the fuck is a Google+ Specialist? Who the hell needs such a thing?

And then, what business? This is a home phone number. You're not inspiring me with confidence.

And due diligence? If you've got my "business" on Google+, you probably have access to my email address, my blogs or my website. Also, why am I suspicious that you have SO MANY urgent contacts to make that (a) Kate or her compatriots can't come to the phone and talk or (b) leave a message? Since you have the phone number.

And then, once you have my phone number, you should know that you haven't been trying to get a hold of this "business" owner, because except for two hours on Monday and maybe three on Saturday, this house has been continuously manned by someone, 24/7, for the last week.

Finally, does anyone even USE Google+ anymore?

In short, you have to be a very stupid phishing scam AND you interrupted my work.

On the plus side, it's a pleasure to speak "Alexa, stop" and not only have my Echo stop playing my music, but "Alexa, resume" will get it going again.

Still, it is such a chore to have to put down the Kindle AND have to lift a phone receiver. If only Alexa could answer the phone. And explain to spammers that "Your call is important to us..."

Dr. Phil
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Tags: rants, scams
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