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Compared To The Movies, My Royalty Is Better

When I hit 42, I got bifocals for the first time after using glasses since the third grade. My GP at the next physical smiled and said, "Right on time." Sigh. Some years later I decided to go to progressive lenses -- continuous change from distance to close-up. They work pretty well for me, except for one thing. There's a lot of distortion in your field of vision because all the areas of view are different focal lengths. So I went in and got bifocal reading/computer glasses -- this way I can look at computer screens and circles remain circles.

I can tell when I need new glasses, because the distance setting gets off. I can tell when I have new glasses, because I can't use the progressives for detail work close up. Today it was the tiny Fujitsu U810 UMPC Windows XP Pro machine. I had started using my current reading/computer glasses the other day with ZEPPELIN. Rather than carting those all over, I knew where an earlier pair of bifocals were, and I have one pair here on ZEPPELIN and one for SUMMER -- which also is the pair I take to the office to use with OUEST on days I go to the office.

In the last 24 hours I've shipped two short story submissions to market. A third is waiting for the 15-day clock to run out from my last F&SF rejection on Wednesday. It's interesting that in Fall 2013 after I got out of the hospital I managed to get a bunch of subs out. But in 2014, where I taught in Winter/Spring and Fall, I didn't have many subs. On the other hand, I have this massive YA epicology in progress since the beginning of September 2014, so in that sense I am way ahead of the game.

Speaking of which, the first 155,000 words is really filling in nicely. I am going to have to go the storage unit and find the box shipped up from Greensboro which has Wendy's HP LaserJet 1102w printer -- it's decent enough but the key feature is that it prints at 19 ppm. As opposed to my HP LaserJet 4ML, which runs at 4 ppm. (I've printed novels with the 4ML - it is very tiresome.) Or the HP DeskJet 6980 which spec says prints at almost 10 ppm in black normal print, and 36 ppm in draft mode. Never have tried the draft mode. But I don't think I want to chew up the 6980 on printing novels.

The point is that I am getting to where I have to start marking up things, settle on the expanded cast list, things like that. I still think that I might have the first two books ready for looking at in about two months. And that's with Book 2 spanning Parts A and B, on its way to being split into two books itself. (grin) Or just a long book.

Note: when I get far enough in the process I may set up a PDF and have Lulu or someone print me a couple of copies for beta readers.

Anyway, my princesses are much better thought out than some of the Hollywood models -- Jupiter Ascending, I am looking at you. (evil-grin)

New Researches: J-1, F-1, H-1 visas. Passport colors used around the world. Red DANMARK DIPLOMATPAS. "As a British passport is issued in the name of Her Majesty, it is unnecessary for The Queen to possess one. All other members of the Royal Family, including The Duke of Edinburgh and The Prince of Wales, have passports." 4K video (4096 x 2160 at a 19:10 aspect ratio) versus 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 at a 16:9 aspect ratio). The American Standard Stratocaster® HSS Shawbucker. $1,299.99. Available mid-February 2015. (About now...) Wiener Schnitzel, the national dish of Austria. "It has however become common in Northern Germany to serve it with lemon, cucumber slices, sardines and capers, to achieve a pleasant appearance." The 6 Year Med program at Northwestern isn't six years anymore. The Honors Program in Medical Education is now a 7 year program, with an optional 8th year -- 23 HPME students entered NU Medical School proper as the Class of 2018 in August 2014. Regina iubet, sequere me. Script for audio commands for an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The Indian first name Sneh means Love.

I built a scene using the AED's script and then putting the action and dialogue around the voice from the AED. This turned out to be REALLY hard, partway through I was practically in tears, especially as I had not yet decided whether the person was going to be resuscitated. As it stands right now, they were taken away by EMTs to the hospital -- I think they survived, but they are not coming back to the dorm...

Funny business this writing stuff.

Never had trouble killing characters and this person wasn't even in the book until this scene. But I remember that scene in The Abyss with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Good lord, I just looked her up to check on the last name and she's only 74 days younger than I am.

Meanwhile the main trilogy shiny counter is up to:

The Lost Kingdom Project YA Trilogy Version 1.08 (02-07-15 Sa -- 763 pages)

** Note2: Page numbers are subjective. I do not write in Standard Manuscript Format, so this is Book Antiqua 12, single spaced, extra space between paragraphs, 1¼” margins for readability. Also, there are 76 pages of notes before the story starts.

Currently 101 chapters in the main story file.

There will, of course, be a certain amount of crap that is in the story now which I need to know, but the gentle readers may not care about, plus other details which actually need to be bloody described, so this count is far from definitive.

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