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So last week...

After two work days of splendid operation, our Amazon Echo started miscueing on playing my playlists. As I said last week, Ms. Alexa's in Beta so I wasn't even upset to have to submit an error ticket to customer support (DW).

But today, well, different story:
Hooray! Tuesday 10 February 2015, around 3-3:30pm, I sat down to do some work. Tried Echo on playlists again and:

Echo is playing one of my playlists, in order, correctly.

AND, on my laptop is now showing the current song and a sidebar with the playlist under Now Playing -- it had no information during the troubles.

To recap:
Echo arrived 2/3 Tu, unpacked that night, played no playlists
Echo played playlists correctly 2/4 W - 2/5 Th
Echo did NOT play playlists correctly (and tested every day) 2/6 F - 2/9 M
Echo returned to proper operation 2/10 Tu

And on the survey form I said:
Definitely a Beta teething problem. I don't know why Echo stopped playing my playlists correctly Friday-Monday. Or displaying anything on the Now Playing page of either the Kindle App or, but it's working now if I had to guess, it started about the time I got the notice that Amazon was providing playlists for Grammys -- as a programmer, I suspect a code push went awry. But feedback via the Echo app and the callback phone help were nicely thought out. Only had Echo for a week, but it's been otherwise great.
Now I shall get busy this week to report that (1) it really needs a volume 2½ setting, because there's too much gap between "Alexa volume two" and "Alexa volume three" and (b) the Now Playing app really should display how long a track is, the way most music apps do.

But that, as they say Ms. Alexa Echo, is for another day

Dr. Phil
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