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Busy, busy, busy. Short stories going into and out of the meat grinder. (grin) And on Wednesday, the main file for my YA trilogy exceeded 200,000 words of story across the three books. Yay!

Yesterday was a good day and I wrote on my Facebook wall:
I am easily amused.

Not only can I find the finest five-star hotel ballrooms in Copenhagen, as well as brands of good champagne drunk in that city, online. But I can spell mademoiselle without having Word 2010 flag it in red. The Kindle Fire HD, on the other hand, changes that word to "marsupials". I don't think they were being invited to (the) dance, at least not at this private social function.
And of course, having the Amazon Echo unit in the house not only allows me to play my playlists -- currently with about 80 songs for some six hours of music without a repeat, yet familiar enough that it is not distracting -- but Echo can answer simple queries without have to switch windows or stop typing. "Alexa, what is the temperature in Oslo?" "Alexa, what is 239 divided by 7."

Researches include: Location of the spare tire in a 1972 Corvette. (BONUS: Got cool new Windows wallpaper from a 1972 Chevrolet Corvette brochure with the body shell lifted off the frame and drivetrain.) The Danish Monarchy can be traced back more than 1000 years. HRH = H.K.H. Hendes Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsessen. Firearms on Amtrak trains. Ash Wednesday. Sacraments vs. Sacramentals: The Catholic Church allows the placing of ashes on the forehead even if you are not baptized. Dutch tradition holds the custom to eat salted herring on Ash Wednesday to conclude the carnival in the Netherlands. The El line to Evanston is now the Purple Line. France produces 50 and 60 million hectolitres of wine per year, or 7–8 billion bottles. 1 hL = 100 L. Typical bottle is 750 mL. St. Francis de Sales Church, 13th Street, Holland MI. Liquid Air Plant I-94 west of Exit 22 / US-20 in Indiana. The boiling point of liquid air is approximately 78 K (-195 °C)(-319 F), just above that of liquid nitrogen (77 K). Basic oxygen steel making. The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra lists three Clarinets, the co-principal doubles on the E♭ Clarinet. Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies solved the messiness problem by sandwiching two Naples cookies together. The milspec Cammenga Model 3H Tritium Lensatic Compass (-50°F to +150°F). The Hotel d’Angleterre (1755) in Copenhagen. The Palm Court and Louis XVI Ballrooms. Connecting doors offer the option to extend the 150 m² Royal Suite with two additional bedrooms, making it 250 m². The Copenhagen Marriott Hotel's Vesterhavet Ballroom has a gorgeous riverfront view of the city. André Roger Grande Réserve Grand Cru, 239.00 DKK per bottle, about $34 US. "As is often the case, the French believe the universe revolves around, well, France, naturally, so their terroir is unique." Holbæk is a town in Denmark halfway between Copenhagen and Kalundborg -- about 44 minutes by train. Hotel Strandparken, Holbæk. EuroCity, InterCity and EuroNight trains. "The Intercity network of the Danish State Railways consists of IC trains and their faster version, Lyntog (Lightning Train), which is identical but with less stops. Quite unusual in the world, some trains will consist of both electrically and diesel-powered units coupled together."

If you've been following along with all these Research reports, then you obviously have figured out the story. (sn*cker)

The current trilogy file has gotten unwieldy with Research notes, plus it's above 200,000 words, so it's about time to create Version 1.09. My new proposal is to try to print the Research notes as 6-ups using selective pages from all the files, rather than create a Master Research file. Plus the header with the version number so I can find things later. This does assume we can read the 9- and 10-point type I’ve been using in the Research notes at the 6-up level. We do have a new color cartridge, and the black cartridge was replaced “recently”. Amazon Prime for more supplies?

The current shiny counters before the new version are:

The Lost Kingdom Project YA Trilogy Version 1.08 (02-13-15 Fr -- 830 pages)

Book 1 (starts page 120)

Book 2 Part A (starts page 406) / Part B (starts page 599)

Book 3 (starts page 762)

* Note: the numbers for Books 1-3 don’t add up, because there is text which is in a section which hasn’t been assigned to a Book and Chapter yet.
** Note2: Page numbers are subjective. I do not write in Standard Manuscript Format, so this is Book Antiqua 12, single spaced, extra space between paragraphs, 1¼” margins for readability.
**** Note4: I officially haven’t decided to split Book 2, calling them Book 2 Part A and Part B for now, but it has now exceeded the 80,000 word goal. Even better, the natural split between Part A and Part B is reasonably centered at 53,200 and 44,059 words respectively. As it, too, has exceeded 80,000 words, Book 1 may be similarly split.

Although Books 1 and 2 have both exceeded their YA target lengths, they are neither finished nor whacked back for bloat, so it's hard to tell how long they really are. Dividing both Books 1 and 2 into Parts A and B does not necessarily mean that they are each now two books, just finding natural breaks in the action

As always, the princesses soldier on...

Dr. Phil
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