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It Is All Coming Together Nicely

It has been a busy week and much writing has happened. I go to add one little thing and it blossoms into several tentacles reaching forwards and back in the story -- it is marvelous to behold.

One thing to watch out for -- my princesses may be inexperienced in the world, but they are smart and not naïve. And while bad things happen, or rather Bad Things Happen™ because... story, I refuse to advance the story of two young women on the basis of rape. There is quite enough of that out there, that I don't need to be a part of the problem. So there.

I am sure I have plenty of other issues in my novel -- especially since we're dealing with descendants of Vikings, we have a distressing number of tall white blondes. Argh! Uber default settings from Central Casting! Can't change that... well...

Hell, I don't look like these people either.

While there are dangers in doing research by Internet -- Google, Wikipedia, travel sites, business sites, etc. -- come on, I'm married to a librarian and have worked in libraries -- I am constantly amazed at what you can find. Google Maps shows you the street layouts and markers for good places you didn't know you needed to know about near the ones you do. Google Maps satellite view shows parks, turn lanes -- even the ferry terminal so your character can walk to the triangular parking lot in front. Street view shows storefronts and Google Images shows interiors of all sorts of places. Wikipedia can provide a bewildering array of leads for further research. The Copenhagen-Hamburg train used ICE TD equipment. Wikipedia reports "Starting at the end of 2007, the class 605 has been deployed on the Hamburg-Copenhagen route. This route, using the Fehmarn Belt train ferry needs diesel trains for both the railway and the ferry, as neither has an electric supply." Ferry? Look up Fehmarn Belt and discover the ferry will be replaced by an 11 mile tunnel in 2021. And on and on and on.

Besides pictures, you can find video:

Train from Denmark to Germany, boarding ferry!

German ICE Train Boards a Ferry to Denmark

I've been on three large ferries on the Great Lakes -- one crossing an arm of Lake Huron and both ferries which go from Michigan across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin -- and the seagoing ferry across the Gulf of Finland from Helsinki to Tallinn. The S.S. Badger was also built to handle railroad cars, though the largest thing I ever saw loaded on it was this giant machine which turned out to be a potato picker. It barely got aboard. More recently they're shipping wind turbine blades, so they don't have to go through Chicago. So I understood the different between roll-on/roll-off and single-ended ferries, and knew about ferry slips and terminals, which helps in doing the research.

New Researches: Best places in Copenhagen for coffee and smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches). Conditori La Glace er Danmarks ældste, og nok også bedste konditori. The book "Fairy Tale cakes from La Glace" contains the recipe for French Macaroons from the fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea". Boef & Ost. 38 weeks. Nausea gravidarum. 2021-22 Northwestern University Calendar. 07:43 KOEBENHAVN H 19:00 AMSTERDAM CS 11h 17m 2 connections (Hamburg, Osnabrück) ICE Train 1st class €295.4. Includes a 50-minute crossing by train ferry between Rødby & Puttgarten, the Fugleflugtslinjen, one of the few places left in Europe (or indeed, the world) where a train physically goes onto a ship -- to be replaced by the 42 billion DKK Femern Bælt-forbindelsen tunnel in 2021. BMW i3 electric car. Hotel d’Angleterre’s restaurant Marchal. Norway invaded and Denmark occupied 9 April 1940. Netherlands invaded 10 May 1940, surrendered 15 May. Hongerwinter 1944 - discovery of the cause of Coeliac disease may also be partly attributed to the Dutch famine. Amsterdam Centraal railway station - reconstruction to end 2017, station closes 10pm weekdays. Amsterdam nightclub scene -- note trams stop at midnight. Amsterdam to Paris train 8 hours 30 mins – 8:05 AM - 4:35 PM – what? This is ridiculous, to go via Germany, Google... what were you thinking? Direct Thalys high-speed train connects Amsterdam and Paris. Patrilineality, agnatic succession, agnatic seniority, absolute primogeniture, elective monarchy. Originally, the Kings of Sweden were elected by all free men at the Mora Thing. The Scandinavian kingdoms were united under the Danish crown by Margaret I of Denmark in 1389. DFDS Seaways Copenhagen/Oslo ferry leaves at 04:30 pm (CET), crossing time is 17 hours on the Crown Seaways and Pearl Seaways -- pre-book meals to save money. MS Pearl Seaways was once the largest cruiseferry in the world. 'Lead on Macduff' is a misquote: I throw my warlike shield. Lay on, Macduff, And damn'd be him that first cries, 'Hold, enough!' Dates to 1855. Norway’s National Cake is called verdens beste in Norwegian. Fjordbyen is an urban renewal project for the waterfront part of the center of Oslo, Norway. Red Sea Star Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant in Oslo.

Closing in on a quarter million words for the main file -- have exceeded that adding in two other story files chronologically before and after.

The current shiny counters, after splitting Book 1 and Book 2 into parts A and B now, and adding a big new chunk to Book 3:

The Lost Kingdom Project YA Trilogy Version 1.09 (02-27-15 Fr - 904 pages)

Book 1 Part A (72,582 words, starts page 44) / Part B (34,401 words, starts page 286)

Book 2 Part A (61,301 words, starts page 411) / Part B (44,381 words, starts page 632)

Book 3 (starts page 796)

* Note: the numbers for Books 1-3 don’t add up, because there is text which is in a section which hasn’t been assigned to a Book and Chapter yet.
** Note2: Page numbers are subjective. I do not write in Standard Manuscript Format, so this is Book Antiqua 12, single spaced, extra space between paragraphs, 1¼” margins for readability.
**** Note4: I officially haven’t decided to split Books 1 and 2, calling them Book 1 Part A/B and Book 2 Part A/B for now, reset to 120,000 word goals.

I've upped the total word count for the "trilogy" to 300,000 words, though I should note that yes, I can do math, that 120,000+120,000+80,000= 320,000 words.

Am I close to done? Yes. No. Maybe. I'll let you know in two weeks. I think that's when I start to really look at things and edit the first draft. Maybe three.

There's a lot of stuff to consider.

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