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So Thursday I had commented to Mrs. Dr. Phil that I knew the camera on my new phone wasn't highly rated, but adequate. Neither of our LGs have a flash function, so I wasn't sure how hers did in available light. Next thing I knew, she'd shot me working at the desk.

ZEPPELIN, Wendy's Win 7 Toshiba laptop, sits on a laptop riser propped onto the keyboard tray. The ViewSonic monitor in the background hasn't been used in a couple of years, but it was purchased when my monitor blew up just before the 2004 Clarion workshop -- forcing me to take a brand new LCD monitor to Clarion. Good thing, too, because the desk in my room had no depth. (grin)
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The Dell mini-tower sitting at my feet, CAROUSEL, is Wendy's other Win 7 machine. It's been destined to go downstairs, or maybe take it to the office. But I haven't been downstairs in two years, since the basement flooded which was the probable source of my heel infection (grin) and Western finally handed me OUEST, a Windows 7 Dell laptop that... sits on a laptop riser propped onto the keyboard tray. With a ViewSonic monitor in the background.

I am nothing if not consistent.

Dr. Phil
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