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A Minor Policy Change

As I've said before, this blog is as much for my own journal as it is to inform and have fun and rant with y'all. So this entry is definitely in the You May Not Notice Or Care About This.

Back in December 2011 I added a Dreamwidth blog to my LiveJournal blog. They're the same, actually. But I write in Dreamwidth and crosspost to LiveJournal, because DW is easier and doesn't burden me with crap. I then put a link to Facebook. Originally, I kept linking to LJ and not DW, because Facebook/Dreamwidth was very irregular about including either icons or pictures with the link. But then I realized that if you don't have a LiveJournal account and you're not logged in or have a cookie set, then LJ is rather nutty about putting up pop-ups begging you to join LJ. And since I hate having to deal with crap like that myself -- I didn't see it normally because I have a permanent LJ account -- I switched to putting the Facebook link with Dreamwidth.


Bottom line, I had changed my links because it was nicer to you guys.

You may also have noticed that at the bottom of posts for a while, there has been the following block -- this one taken from the previous post:
Posted on Dreamwidth
Crossposted on LiveJournal

This serves three purposes: (1) It's consistent with a lot of other blogs, which list WordPress or LiveJournal or Dreamwidth or their own blog. And identifies the original source. (2) If you came to the entry on say Dreamwidth and wanted to make a comment where you have an account on LiveJournal, it's easy. (3) It means I have both LJ and DW links available to me ***, for when I want to link to...

Say the previous post (DW).


Effective with the previous post (DW) (LJ), I have now officially reversed the order and specifically label both links as DW and LJ respectively.

On the first of April LiveJournal suggested that you Invite your friends back to LiveJournal!. That this attempt to regain some of their eyeballs they've lost over a number of bonehead moves and updates, especially since LiveJournal Release 88 (see icon above), ON THE FIRST OF APRIL, tells you why I choose to help my three readers by directing them first to the Dreamwidth post, but still give them the LiveJournal option.

For those of you on LiveJournal, most of my (very few) comments I get on posts come on LJ. Or Facebook. Only a few on DW. So I am on LiveJournal checking Recent Comments and Friends Page daily. Rest assured, that's not going to change.

Whichever is convenient for you, the dear reader. But I did want to mention the change.

That is all.

Dr. Phil

*** NOTE: There is a small window of time where I have to post a new entry to DW and the following fields don't have the link addresses in them yet, because the post number isn't assigned until it's posted... And then I have to update it. Got it? (grin)
Posted on Dreamwidth
Crossposted on LiveJournal
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