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Limited Time? Changes? Changes? Changes?

Two months ago we got our Amazon Echo (DW) (LJ). Can it really be just two months? I suspect that between Kindle Fires for a couple of years, Prime, and months of heavy use of Amazon Music Library before getting Echo, it's hard to quite divide the time. But we have certainly gotten a lot of use out of the unit.

Perfect? No. Being cloud based, it's dependent on the WiFi/DSL connection. And Tune-In, which provides the radio over the Internet service, is sensitive to the streaming getting interrupted. Unlike a podcast or movie, or Amazon Music, it can't buffer ahead. So I don't know if the connection has more flakies that we know. But... the radio function works great most of the time. And they just added Pandora.

I hadn't even realized it was the two month date. Instead, yesterday I had been offered a link to an Amazon Kindle ebook, which seemed to be some guy's guide to Echo, in lieu of the manual, which doesn't exist. I was amused that it suggested it might be good to learn what Echo could do, while waiting for your Echo to come. And that some might have been given a six month wait. Huh? What?

Curious as to whether demand has jumped so much, or whether they're retooling for coming out of the Beta program, I went to Amazon. Unfortunately, I got a mixed message. The search screen said Echo had a one or two month wait, but when I clicked on the link to the Echo page, Amazon knew I had an Echo, and since you can only buy one right now, there was no sales information. Just product and set up stuff. I had to go to another browser which never had logged into Amazon -- the Linux desktop on my Kindle from Always On PC -- to see the info.

You still need to request an invite. The price is still $199 -- $99 if you have Prime. But if you want that Prime deal, you have to order by Tuesday 7 April 2015.

And that's why I am posting this. Because it's a steal at $99. We had rebate bucks from Discover, so it was free for us.

Anyway, thought some of you would like to know.

Dr. Phil
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