They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

One and Done

Once there were 68. Then 64. 32. 16. 8. 4. 2.

And finally one. With one more game to go.

The NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship has been played.
#1 Wisconsin   63
#1 Duke        68
I was rooting for the Big 10 team, but having started watching NCAA basketball in Greensboro NC, I am not disappointed that the Blue Devils picked up another national championship -- their third won in the city of Indianapolis alone? Congrats to Coach K and his team.

Tuesday night is the Women's Division I Basketball Championship and the line-up is Notre Dame and the juggernaut that is UConn. Done deal for the Huskies? Not so fast. "At some point you have to play the game."

Remember, Kentucky was undefeated going into the Final Four. Then lost to Wisconsin, who lost to Duke. After the Big 10 championship, a lot of people saw Kentucky as a stumbling block, but still put Wisconsin to win the Big Dance.

Muffet versus Geno. It's gonna be epic.

There can be only one...

Dr. Phil
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