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The State of the Author 2014 And Taxes

Ides of April Eve. We finished our taxes last night. E-filed Federal, accepted in minutes. State return mailed this morning. Done.

Even before I bought TurboTax Deluxe 2014 (DW) (LJ), as I have for many years, there were issues, which I reported on the TurboTax Survey at the end:
We've used TurboTax every year since we bought a house around 20 years ago. Actually was probably the least painful ever this year. -- But...This year there was a glitch with the issue of removing Schedule C from TurboTax Deluxe, which was a problem for someone with minimal business income. I understand it will be resolved for TurboTax Deluxe 2015.
As I mentioned in the link above, Intuit blinked -- and not only did the Home and Business upgrade cost us nothing, it took like five seconds, so I suspect by the time I downloaded TurboTax Deluxe 2014, they already had the code in and only had to unlock it. Next year, in Schedule C!

The writing business? As nonexistent as 2013 (DW) (LJ). Let's be realistic here. In 2013 I was hospitalized for 5½ months, in 2014 a week. Plus I spent six weeks of prime Summer 2014 on at-home IVs twice a day, and five times a week hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) chamber sessions where I was allowed no paper and no electrical devices a couple of hours a day. So there was a lot of time-in-chair which was not possible.

Still, I have been amazed at how much writing I did get done. Hell, I wrote a 17,000 word novelette on the touch screen keyboard of a Kindle Fire HD while in hospital 2013. Three or four really good stories were written, plus a couple of very good revisions. No sales, but several got close and at least one is still sitting on an editor's desk. Then there's the 320,000+ words written on the big YA project since September -- can't sell what is neither done nor sufficiently quite in shape to even ship partials to editors. Not at this stage in my career.

So I am perfectly pleased with my writing the last two years, even if I have generated no sales. My submission numbers are way down, too. For reasons. See above.

It may be a new year, but the refrain is the same as tax years 2012 and 2013:
2012: Michigan wants everyone to e-file, too, but Yet Again they just don't get it -- e-filing the state return costs $19.99 versus the cost of two stamps, you can see where I'm going with this one.

2013: We don't E-file Michigan. We could, but TurboTax would charge $24.95 -- four sheets of paper and a check and a stamp cost a helluva lot less. In TY 2012, Michigan got rid of a lot of allowable charitable deductions, especially public TV and radio, so we went from getting a modest refund to paying a small amount. Bastards.
The nonsense with state e-filing is going in the wrong direction. And in the past three tax years, we've had to pay Michigan $84, $70 and $71 since they got rid of the state charitable giving, so I'm feeling even less inclined to spend $25 instead of an envelope, four pieces of paper and a stamp. No matter how much Michigan pleads it wants us to e-file state returns because "it's easier". Guess what, sunshine, if it's so damn easy why do I have to pay so damn much? (And is that money to the state or TurboTax? I don't really care... fix the problem, guys.)

We are done here. Til next year!

Dr. Phil
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