They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Really Facebook? You're Going To Go With THIS Crap?

Oh great. The latest Facebook "upgrade" I seem to be getting is to have Replies to comments to posts. And like LiveJournal at its worst, they're always collapsed. And if you bother to start click on them, they typically say LOL -- which is so different and meaningful than clicking Like.

This. Is. So. Stupid.

And a total fuck-all waste of my time.

It's all bad enough that when the comment stream gets long enough that, depending on what platform you're on, it is hard to backtrack to the start of the thread. And it's twitchy, sometimes resetting when you click or scroll on the wrong thing, especially on the geniusly written Mobile app. Lord, how I hate mobile versions of sites. Now, with Replies, it's going to get harder to follow the thread, because some people will post as Replies and some will post at the end of the comments. Worse, if I am wading through all the comments, any Replies which come in after I have passed a comment will not be visible. Or even worser, the arrival of a Reply will reset the comments queue. Frankly, it's the last one -- the most USELESS operation -- that I suspect will be the case. I haven't tested it yet.

Here's a hint Facebook -- what we REALLY need is a Show Comments From Start button.

And either there's an Expand All Comments setting somewhere, or I'm expected to waste time trying to find the nonexistence theorem proof for an Expand All Comments setting.

The REAL problem, starting the PC era, then into Windows, websites, smart phones, tablets, etc., is that too many programmers think they have nothing to learn from before. Anyone who implements a Reply feature who hasn't looked at how something like LiveJournal did it, could realize the stupidity of having ALL Replies contracted as a default. I shouldn't have to clicky, clicky, clicky on every damned line. All other approaches are demonstrations of ignorant programmers and management who had nothing but contempt for their users.

Facebook: You need to have programmers who can THINK. And beta testers who have a CLUE. And a management who can imagine the consequences of actions. Epic Fail.

May The Fourth be with me as I condemn you to the Hell contained within the core of a thousand dying suns.


Have a nice day.

Dr. Phil
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