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Back on Wednesday 4 February 2015 I got a phone call from Kate, Google+ Specialist (DW) (LJ). It was so important, so urgent that they get me, that they called me at home. Now, think for a minute what Google+ is -- and wonder how I didn't get anything on Gmail? Urgent my ass.

Fast forward to today, Wednesday 6 May 2015, and HEY, it's three months later and the phone rings and guess who? Why it's a recording and "This is Kate, Google+ Specialist..."

I never even bothered to wait to find out how URGENT this call was. I mean, 91 days later it must have moved from simmering with urgency to projectile explosions of urgency, don't you think? My Gmail must have been BRIMMING with Google+ warnings, right?

I doubted that Kate was there at the scammy phone bank, and no doubt since the message hadn't run its course it had even assigned an "operator" to take my call. But I shouted FUCK YOU into the phone and hung up because it made me feel better.

Lord, lord, lord -- we need a better class of scammer in this world.

(You know the worst part? Kate is a hallowed name on my computers.) (grin)

And what in the Sam Hell is a Google+ specialist and why would ANYONE in their right mind need one?

Dr. Phil
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