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The Long Slog Continues

One thing about writing such a sprawling epic is that there are sections you're sure you've written -- this is coming home to roost in Book 1 Part B. (evil-grin) No wonder its word count was less than Book 1 Part A. And another thing is there are other sections you run across and say, Really? I don't remember this. And yet another thing is running into things you know you wrote a note for, but it didn't get transcribed into the notes sections -- so you'll either have to dig for it or re-engineer it.

The Pass 1 edit counter has jumped from 511 to 551 pages, but actually I am nearly fifty pages beyond that. I just have to go back to 551 and work my way to page 600 and make sure it's all complete. This is what happened in the other stalled sections the last couple of weeks. All that earlier big stuff worked out great. This current section moves faster in time, for reasons, and I have to make sure it works right and doesn't seem too slight or rushed. It's the end of a school year and everyone knows it goes fast. At the end of Book 1 Part B, it's off to America and university for the senior princess.

But we won't do the big Pass 1 edits on Book 2 for a while. Because I need to get into the Book 1 Pass 2 edits, where we cement in place all the people and place names, recheck a few research bits, verify dates. This SHOULD take little time, except I suck at naming characters and this time I have to integrate all the relationships, since they're all related to each other. Ack!

Book 1 Part A Edit Pass 3 is where we'll end up with the Beta reading version. It's coming, it's coming.

New Researches: Valbyparken in Copenhagen. You can usually bring your dog with Copenhagen public transport, but if it is not small enough to be carried in a bag, you need to buy a ticket for it. Discourses and Sermons for Every Sunday and the Principal Festivals of the Year (Google eBook) by James Gibbons / J. Murphy Company, 1908 - Church year sermons - 531 pages. W. Shakespeare, Henry IV, part 2: "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown". "It is no easy thing to wear a crown, Catelyn thought", GRRMartin, A Clash of Kings. As of 21 June 2014, Star Wars Episode VIII has release date of May 26, 2017. That could mean Episode IX in 2019 or 2020, but I suspect these schedules will slip. CinemaxX Copenhagen in Fisketorvet Shopping Center, which opened in October 2000 with 10 screens and 3,200 seats. A commercial IMAX screen was added in 2015. First commercial IMAX in Norway also 2015. Where the Trains Used to Go (2003). A 4½ minute IMAX film -- Norway's first 15-perf/70-mm film celebrates a 100-year old narrow-gauge railway in South Eastern Norway. The camera required a surveying theodolite for shooting along the old route, one frame as a time. V-E Day celebrated on 8 May 1945 (7 May in Commonwealth realms. 9 May in Soviet Union). 75th anniversary will be in 2020. Hitler suicided on 30 April 1945. Denmark celebrates Befrielsen (The Liberation) on 5 May. Cinco de Mayo (5 May) celebrates El Día de la Batalla de Puebla, NOT Mexican Independence Day (16 September). was mentioned on NPR last week -- overnight shipping of designer clothes. They have a Chicago store. Letitia – means Joy or Happiness. Achsah (or Acsah) – Daughter of Caleb. When Caleb promised her to Othniel in marriage, she requested that he increased her dowry to include not only land, but springs of water as well.

Book 1 Page Edits (Pass 1)

The Lost Kingdom Project YA Trilogy Version 1.10 (05-09-15 Sa, 1332 pages)

Book 1 Part A (103,792 words, starts page 46) / Part B (83,158 words, starts page 381)

Book 1 Part B has now exceeded its 80,000 word estimate and so I'm over the revised 180,000 words for both Parts A and B. The only reason I'm not disheartened is that I expect to be a little brutal in tightening up some of the technical geeky bits which I needed when I was writing, but most readers probably won't give a flying fuck-all about. Which may allow me to trim a few thousand words or so. (yikes-grin)

I also spent a little time in Books 2 and 4 this week, though it was to get some stuff started and didn't bother totally up those books separately.


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