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I didn't do any Office Hours this week, but Thursday was a big day at home (DW) (LJ), so no writing. And I took some time off from the YA trilogy to work on another project. As I wrote on Facebook:
Friday at 2:53am · I decided to edit a 20,000 word novella from a few years ago. After spending months with multivolume files of 500-700 pages, I see the counter saying 56 of 79 and am thinking OMG, have I had a catastrophic file loss? -- Dr. Phil
And novellas are LONG for short stories! The Imprint, is doing novella submissions from 4 May to 4 June 2015. SF, especially space opera, included. Woo-hoo! Novellas are very hard to place with publishers, which is one of the reason why these "short novels" are big in the self-e-publishing biz. So I anticipate spending some more time with ANR Version 2.80 in the next week.

Despite all the progress I did make this week, it almost feels like I'm not moving. Partly because I'm just about done with another big thorny section, so my Pass 1 page counter has only vibrated a little. And I took time to insert two or three sections, both before and after where my Done marker sits. This included taking the very first entry in my Interim file of pieces that I hadn't found a place for yet and FINALLY dumping it into the novel, far further in than I originally thought it would go. But with the new parts, it all makes sense now, and isn't that what writing/editing is all about?

Actually, my Pass 1 page counter has multiple markers, so I really am much further along than it looks:
Version 1.10 Edits -- pass 1 page 555 =551= (574) (572) (581) [678] {542}
Page 555 is the number I'm using in the shiny blue counter below.

New Researches: The science of apple growing is called pomology. (Apple blossom is the state flower of Michigan.) Most apples can be grown farther north than most other fruits, because they blossom late in spring, minimizing frost damage. “To eat an apple before going to bed, will make the doctor beg his bread.” Figure skating jumps: Toe loop, Salchow, Loop, Flip, Lutz, Axel. Les XXIIIes Jeux olympiques d'hiver, 9 February to 25 February 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea. 2022 Winter Olympics (French: XXIVe Jeux olympiques d'hiver) will be elected on 31 July 2015, at the 128th IOC Session in Kuala Lumpur. [So in Book 1 Part B there's a sentence that says "Almaty/Beijing/7-31-2015" that I can fix later this summer.] "Of course he has a knife. He always has a knife. We all have knives. It’s 1183 and we’re barbarians." The Lion in Winter, 50th anniversary in 2018. Transformers and Optimus Prime (Generation 1) date back to 1984.

Again, lots of editing, less new writing needing new research. Leaving the shiny counters at:

Book 1 Page Edits (Pass 1)

The Lost Kingdom Project YA Trilogy Version 1.10 (05-16-15 Sa, 1357 pages)

Book 1 Part A (103,792 words, starts page 46) / Part B (90,847 words, starts page 381)

Pass 1 edits almost done on Book 1. Pass 2 will do people and place names. I sure hope by Pass 3 I get the length under control, because I right now I'm looking at 105,000 words for Book 1 Part A and 95,000 words for Part B. Or more... (excessively-long-grin) Anyway, Book 1 A/B's target has now been raised from 160,000 to 180,000 and now 200,000 words.

Dr. Phil
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