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Three Chapters Meme

via Nikki Kimberling on Facebook -- She was tagged to share the first line of the first three chapters of the current work in progress. I wasn't tagged, but I like to play some memes anyway.

I included the opening before Chapter 1 and two lines from Chapter 2 as a bonus.
0. The sixteen-year-old looked like some young blond Viking princess – which would have surprised all the passengers on the train to find out she was, of a sort.

1. It had been such a beautiful day, but now she was anxious to get home.

2. The dream again.  What might have been, had the Germans not come.

3. "So, I understand there were two incidents at Old Fields," their father, King Henrik VII of Eisbergen, said when Daniska came down for a late supper at the great table.
Bonus for me: I found a typo in the first line of Chapter 1. Doing this on the Kindle Fire HD, so the text I have is from the current PDF book mockup: A Princess of a Lost Kingdom (Prototype) – Version — 23 June 2015.

Also going around is a 7-7-7 meme -- seven lines after the seventh line from the seventh page of the current work in progress.
He put on his helmet and would follow behind her at a discrete distance. No one in the kingdom of Eisbergen would think it odd to see Roman Centurions walking in the streets in either armor or a business suit.

The causeway was broad and mainly made of stone and sand. But planks made a suitable place for her to cross in her city shoes, without sinking into the ground – or getting them dirty or wet. She passed a dozen people, who all stopped and bowed before they hurried on. Several of the older men additionally doffed their hats at her passing. This didn‘t happen in Copenhagen, where no one knew who she was.
Again, this is from the PDF version, not the Word document. ***

I don't call out other writers by name, but anyone working on a novel for the Three Chapters meme or anything for the 7-7-7 meme who wants to play along, feel free. And you can feel free to link to my post either on DW, LJ or Facebook.


Dr. Phil

*** - Very sharp eyed readers might note that the 7-7-7 meme posted here is not quite the same as the one I posted in June (DW) (LJ). The reason is simple -- different versions of the PDF version of the book on the Kindle Fire HD. (grin)

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