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It's been 20 days since my last writing update report. There have been some good reasons for that. The big one, of course, is that we took 10 days to drive down to North Carolina and back to visit my mother. Managed to do the long drive without hurting my foot -- we took three days each way instead of the two days in past years.

Then I had to write a 5000 word story for WOTF Q3. I'd come up with Yet Another Story Idea while I was in Dearborn on a day trip a couple of weeks ago. The funny thing is that the Big Driving Idea that I'd come up with? Didn't make it into Version 1.01 of the story. (grin) It happens.

And this week I had two doctor's appointments, which pretty much ruined two afternoons of writing time, but obviously quite necessary.

So while I was away, I took a break from the trilogy. And when I got back, probably half of what I wrote was stuff I had to put into Book 2 Part A/B, which are actually the first two books of the second trilogy. Have I confused you guys yet? Yes, I'm still keeping an archaic book numbering system because it cuts down on the number of files I have. (evil-grin)

Yesterday I posted a couple of tantalizing little bits of Book 1 Part I from two writing memes (DW) (LJ). Very sharp eyed readers might note that the 7-7-7 meme posted yesterday is not quite the same as the one I posted in June (DW) (LJ). The reason is simple -- different versions of the PDF version of the book on the Kindle Fire HD. (grin)

Version 1.13 -- It's Time

Well, the book edits have reached the point where I really need to reconcile what's in the main book file with the two holiday chapters I put on the blog back for Christmas (DW) (LJ) and New Year's (DW) (LJ). What that means is something that I have been avoiding doing for a long time -- my main character is getting a name change. Of course Edit Pass 2 is all about replacing all the Xxx character and place names with actual names, so it makes sense that I have to do this.

It's not quite as simple as doing a single Search-and-Destroy replacement, especially when you consider nicknames as well. What I'm actually doing is switching first and second names -- so if I just did a simple replace, they'd all end up the same name. (triple-word-score-grin) So I have to do an intermediate safe word replacement as part of the procedure. Also, somewhere there's a joke which will no longer work, so I'll have to get rid of it during a later Edit pass.

But... by filling in the people names in the kingdom, I've been making family connections and also connecting multiple incidents with the same people. Huh. Who knew that filling in the blanks actually creates more story?

New Researches: Shieldmaidens (Old Norse: skjaldmær, Danish: skjoldmø, Norwegian: skjoldmøy, Swedish: sköldmö, German: Schildmaid). Certainly they show up in some stories and epic sagas -- the historical truth is a bit murkier. Not that I care -- this is a secret history anyway!

On the verge of a new file version, the shiny counters stand at:

Book 1 Page Edits (Pass 2)

With the conversion and merger going to the new volume, I expect the Edit Pass 2 counter to actually start moving again. But I've gotten a lot of work done elsewhere, so it's not like this counter is definitive.

The Lost Kingdom YA Project Version 1.12 (07-10-15 Fr, 1517 pages)

Previously the "trilogy" counter had been bumped up to 400,000 words, so I would be over 100%. But since this is the sum from three files with 3 + 2 + 2 books, I've again bumped this up to a 7 book total of 560,000 words. The new counter looks about right.

Book 1 Part I (84,569 words)

The first book is still bumping up a little long, just shy of the revised 85,000 word total. I suspect that Edit Pass 2 of the first actual book will run about 90,000 words. Which I know is on the high side for YA. But we'll see.

Here's the first trilogy numbers:

Book 1 Part I (84,569 words, starts page 44) / Part II (77,420 words, starts page 326) /
Part III (74,348 words, starts page 600)

With pieces of five new chapters added, I also note:

Book 2 Part A (76,905 words, starts page 41) / Part B (50,650. words, starts page 317)

Now on to create new files and get back to work.

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