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Whew -- Two Big Revisions DONE

After Friday night's writing report (DW) (LJ), there was no reason not to save all the files from Version X.12 to X.13, and then tackle the hard stuff.

In the wee hours of Saturday, I ran the name change for my main character. Since I was reversing the first two parts of the name, I couldn't just do one Ctrl-H Search-and-Destroy. Including nicknames, I had to do seven changes. And then I had to do an eighth change in the second trilogy, because her college roommate's mom keeps getting her name wrong. (silly-grin)

Ctrl-H procedure:              FILE: 1.13   R.13   2.13   3.13   4.13   5.13
      Daniska to DNSK                  21      5     12     14      3      0      55
      Dani (whole word) to DNSS         0      0      2      3      0      0       5
      Elsinor to Daniska             2503     85   1527    284     65      0    4464
      Elsi (whole word) to Dani         2      0      4      5      7      0      18
      Eli (whole word) to Dani         45      3     23      6      2      0      79
      DNSS to Elsi                      0      0      2      3      0      0      --
      DNSK to Elsinor                  21      5     12     14      3      0      --
      Eleanor to Danishka               0      0      3      0      0      0       3
                                                                 Total Changes: 4624

NOTE: File R.13 is the current Research Notes file which includes story fragments 
      not yet included into the books and the full Cast List.
Because Word keeps track of the last several Ctrl-H changes, it's pretty easy to use the pull-down menus and run through the Search and Replace terms seven times. I've previously perfected this technique for turning Master documents into Printer documents in Standard Manuscript Format. So all those changes didn't take long. I think it took longer to make the notes and then type up the table of statistics, than nearly 5000 name changes. (grin)

The big question is -- How long will it take me to type the wrong name when I start writing again?


Then there were the file reconciliations. Chapter 12 -- Locked In For Christmas and Chapter 13 -- Seventeen, were the two holiday chapters I put on the blog back for Christmas (DW) (LJ) and New Year's (DW) (LJ). The good news was that there were no differences between Chapter 12 and "A Christmas in the Lost Kingdom", other than I think two places where I'd added descriptions to the stand-alone short story, which I didn't need in the novel. However, I'd done some editing on Chapter 13 and “New Year's in the Lost Kingdom” had a lot of changes, nearly all of which I accepted.

Now I will start from the beginning and get back into the Book 1 Edit Pass 2. This should go much easier this time.

Interestingly, this is the first time I've used the File Compare / Track Changes in Microsoft Word 2010. It's very different than in Word 95/97/2003. Of course it is -- Redmond can't leave anything fucking alone, can they? The new one I guess is easier to set up, and I ended up with four panes. Once I figured out what the hell was going on, it went smoothly. But this was straightforward stuff, for the most part. It may not be as pleasant with Track Changes from an editor. And there was a weirdness where the Original File A pane wouldn't scroll -- any movement of the mouse wheel shot all the panes down to the bottom. But they otherwise synchronized well.

One word was marked as changed, but it wasn't in either red or strike-through. I had to look at the original and revised files to figure out that the web version didn't have the word italicized. Why it couldn't have indicated that better, I'll have no idea. But I am thoroughly convinced that Microsoft doesn't ever test their software in real world problem environments. (evil-grin)

It wasn't that I didn't know how to do these things, rather I've been so busy writing and revising, that I've literally put these two tasks off for six months. Now we're in good enough shape they needed to be done, and I was able to accomplish these with relative ease.

BTW -- Sharp-eyed readers will note that I tweaked my DW/LJ referencing once again, moving "(DW)" inside the link label, so it matches the one for "(LJ)". Looks better, easier on the eyes. Always with the little revisions...

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