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Friday 17 July 2015 -- the temperature in West Michigan topped 90°. Hot muggy.

Big deal, I hear you say. And on our trip South before the 4th of July, the temperatures all through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia were all in the 80s and 90s. And when we came down out of the mountains on I-77 and onto I-74 in North Carolina? By Mt. Airy it was 101°F.

But when we got back on the 2nd, I was surprised to hear the Channel 3 weather guy saying that there'd only been ten days of temps in the 80s in West Michigan so far this year. Even last week a couple of possible days above 90°F didn't get that high. And the shore report had the Lake Michigan temperature in one location coming in at 38°F. In July.

No Global Warming? Hardly. The cool summer is due to the cold winter -- for the second winter in a row, Lake Michigan almost froze over. Instabilities in the weather patterns had pushed a big blob of cold Siberian air over the Pole and striking down into Canada and the Great Lakes in the U.S. I keep saying, global warming means churning -- and sometimes you get more cold and more snow in some places, even as the average land and ocean temperatures rise.

Today is supposed to be really ugly, temperaturewise. 96°F forecast, will feel like 101-105°F with the big muggy humidity. First, though, we had to have a big nasty storm line roll through. One of the news commenters on Facebook had posted the radar picture and the forecast saying 0% chance of rain -- the storm was moving through so fast it wasn't showing up in the predictions correctly. Our house in the country got slammed, big time.

And... the power went out at 9:45am. We were lounging in bed, listening to Weekend Edition on NPR. The radio had cut out around 9:30 when the timer finished. Restart. So when it went out at 9:45, I first thought it was either the clock radio or the radio station. But Mrs. Dr. Phil said the power was out. By the time I turned my head, the clock near me was blinking 12:00 ... 12:00 ... 12:00.

The storm was hitting the west, bedroom, side of the house so hard I never heard the generator start up. And it started right up, because our power locally was only out for maybe four seconds. Storm is long gone, but the power is still out -- approaching the two hour mark.

Happy summer...

Dr. Phil
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