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Another Milestone

Book 1 Part I Pass 2 Page 351 -- completed 07/‎24/‎2015 00:51:36

So... Version 1.13 of Book 1 Part I of the YA series clocks in at 94,109 words. The PDF mockup has 340 pages of story.

Time to make the first printout of the book. I'll do this one in Standard Manuscript Format, so that I can spot errors more easily. Edit Pass 3 is for readability, though of course I've been taking care of a lot of the corkers along the way. Still, there's some history and descriptive infodumps which might be annoying -- I have to balance information versus having the story come to a grinding halt.

And I've ended up with four chapters over 6000 words, including one at 8092. These may be split up, or redistributed and load balanced.

Tomorrow (later today) begins Version 1.14. Backups need to be made. Sleep needs to be had.

The Shiny Counters tonight stand at:

Book 1 Page Edits (Pass 2)

Edit Pass 2 for the whole first trilogy will be put on Pause, so I can continue to get Book 1 Part I ready for Beta readers. For just Book 1 Part I we are here:

A Princess Of The Lost Kingdom Page Edits (Pass 2)

Word counts:
The Lost Kingdom YA Project Version 1.13 (07-24-15 Fr, 1588 pages)

Book 1 Part I (94,109 words)

The First Trilogy:
Book 1 Part I (94,109 words, starts page 44) / Part II (77,475 words, starts page 352) /
Part III (74,348 words, starts page 626)

Note I've upped the total target from 240,000 to 255,000, reflection the extra 15,000 words currently allowed to Book 1 Part I.

The thing. It is becoming a thing!

Dr. Phil

PS -- So far no one has read the whole novel. And I don't want to impose version fatigue on anyone. But... If there was ONE person who would like to read the current PDF version on your e-reader this weekend, I would appreciate a very rough response to what I've got here. (evil-grin) Comment here on Dreamwidth, or LiveJournal or on Facebook. Or email if you have my Gmail address.

If anyone ever actually READS these blog posts of mine...

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