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Clarion 2004 classmate albogdan now has a LiveJournal blog. I had to find out about it from Tobias Buckell's blog, which was linked from Alex Wilson's 2006 Clarion blog... [EDIT: Oh, and Happy Birthday, Al.]

Of course, Al might've mentioned it earlier -- it's been a very spacey month.

Cat Waxing

I'm at the office and I've updated the computers here and should be working on making new signs for my door with the Fall semester info. Or else I should be looking up where the heck CADL is -- I assume it's the Capitol Area District Library... Ah yes, Google comes through. (Though the MMLC Library Directory entry consistently uses "Capital" instead of "Capitol" for both CADL and 401 S. Capitol Avenue... tut-tut!) [2nd EDIT: Okay, so we're both wrong as it's CapitAl Area District Library at 401 S. CapitOl Avenue. No wonder MMLC got confused.]

Here's a map to tonight's reading with Holly Black and Kelly Link (yay! go Muppet crazy!) at 7pm, Wednesday 26 July 2006:
map from Yahoo! Maps.

So that's done... What I really should be doing is writing my short story "In The Blink Of An Eye" -- I need to send it out by Monday if I'm going to at all... Show you how much I've been avoiding this, I had to go look up the bloody title by scrolling through the July 2006 story files... Yikes!

Maybe I'll go down to the Physics office and see if I've got any mail in my mailbox since last Wednesday...

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