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Book 1 Part I Pass 3 Page 363 -- completed‎ ‎08/‎01/‎2015 12:32:45

So... Version 1.14 of Book 1 Part I of the YA series clocks in at 95,537 words. That's only about 1400 words more than Version 1.13 (DW) (LJ). During that time I went through all 422 Standard Manuscript Format pages of the novel with a red pen. And then did some Find and Find-and-Replace searches for a number of common overused words of mine -- especially "that". Lord, going through "that" took me a couple of days. Ugh.

Now I'm going to do One More Read-through for readability, Pass 4, and then... THEN I shall fearfully let some people read the Beta version. Yikes!

The PLK-114-1.pdf printout I did my hardcopy edits from was printed in 2-ups, so 422 pages ended up as 212 sheets of paper, with a cover sheet. I gathered those into reasonable sized chunks -- equivalent to some of the short stories I've edited in the same way -- fourteen in all.

I totally recommend that you do an editing pass in a different font, in my case going from Book Antiqua 12 to Courier New 12, and single spaced to double spaced. Errors that have persisted through many generations of the novel suddenly spring out at you, because you're not letting your mind skip over the same things again when you have to actually pay attention to what you're reading.

Alas, I know that there are still evils lurking in the manuscript 'cause I find more every day. But... the Beta reading versions will be SO much cleaner than they were. Whew!

New Researches: Nothing formerly to speak of. Printed out the 2016 and 2017 calendars. And was reading through the weather history of Bodø, Norway, in a little detail.

The shiny counters stand at:

Book 1 Page Edits (Pass 3)

For just the first real book in my obsolete numbering system:
A Princess Of The Lost Kingdom Page Edits (Pass 3)

The Lost Kingdom YA Project Version 1.14 (08-02-15 Su, 1601 pages)

Book 1 Part I (95,537 words)

Huh. Amazingly I broke my latest upgraded word goal for the first novel, but only by 537 words. And I have kept it under 100,000 words. Barely.

Book 1 Part I (95,537 words, starts page 44) / Part II (77,475 words, starts page 364) /
Part III (74,348 words, starts page 638)

I am really very excited about all this.

Dr. Phil

PS -- if any one person wants to read the novel Right Now. Contact me.

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