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It's the last week of Clarion 2006 and I'm sure the twenty-some participants are just about ready to go home... and miss being with all the talent and energy they've just spent six weeks with. Meanwhile, the Clarion Foundation has announced the instructors for the Clarion 2007 Workshop:

The 2007 Clarion faculty has been chosen. They are:

Cory Doctorow: science fiction novelist, blogger and technology activist. He is the co-editor of the blog Boing Boing at and a contributor to many newspapers, magazines and websites, including Wired. He was formerly Director of European Affairs for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and will shortly serve as the Fulbright Chair at the Annenberg Center for Public Diplomacy at the University of Southern California.

Gregory Frost: writer, film researcher & teacher. The author of numerous short stories as well as fantasy novels, including 'Fitcher's Bride's. His work has been nominated for the Nebula and Theodore Sturgeon awards. He was the Fiction Writing Workshop Director at Swarthmore College in 2004 and this will be his third summer as a Clarion instructor.

Ellen Kushner: writer, producer, storyteller and host of WGBH Radio's 'Sound & Spirit' series. Her first novel 'Swordspoint: A Melodrama of Manners' has been hailed as the progenitor of the Mannerpunk school of fantasy. Her second novel 'Thomas the Rhymer' won both the 1991 World Fantasy Award and the Mythopoeic Award. Her short fiction appears in various anthologies. This will be her second stint as a Clarion instructor.

Mary Anne Mohanraj: writer & academic; author of literary fiction, erotica, poetry and publisher of two online magazines. In addition, she teaches creative writing and composition and directs an arts foundation. She is currently a visiting professor at Roosevelt College and a winner of a Skowcroft Prize for Fiction.

Delia Sherman: her first novel, 'Through a Brazen Mirror' was published as one of the prestigious Ace Fantasy Specials. Her second novel 'The Porcelain Dove' won the Mythopoeic Award for Fantasy Fiction. Her short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines & anthologies. A 1990 Campbell Award nominee, she has twice served as a judge for the Crawford Award for Best First Fantasy Novel

Jeff VanderMeer: two-time World Fantasy Award winner whose books of fiction and edited anthologies have been finalists for the Philip K. Dick Award and the International Horror Guild Award. He is best known for writing 'City of Saints & Madmen', 'Veniss Underground' and 'The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases'

It's not too soon to think about whether a Clarion workshop is right for you or figuring out how to block out the time and money to attend.

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