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A Semi NPR Fail

Who, What, Why, Where, How -- the journalist's questions.

I've long been in a battle with newspapers for not putting the damned day of the week next to dates, particularly announcements of events, concerts, etc. Truthfully, our ability to go to such things is very much dependent on weekends and free evenings.

But sometimes they do less than full diligence.

Coming home from K-zoo Wednesday, All Things Considered on the Ann Arbor NPR station repeater ran a piece around 5:50pm on the Hugos.

Now I've kept fairly low key about the squabbles about the 2015 Hugo Awards -- the science fiction honors handed out at WorldCon each year. More than one news outlet has had sloppy reporting and research. I think they get seduced by the word "puppies" in combination with controversy, and either figure it's a joke or doesn't require much heavy duty research effort.

Alas, I have to call out National Public Radio on the carpet a little bit.

To their credit, they presented it as a case of two sides and had clips from Brad Torgersen for the Sad Puppies and Kameron Hurley for the... Un Puppies? *** But it was a pretty short piece.

I'm sure there'll be megabytes killed and slaughtered on many sides for what was and was not said. For example, not bringing up the two puppy camps -- the Sad Puppies and the Rabid Puppies -- is a vast oversimplification and tends to tar people with too broad a brush. Or the record setting number of memberships and Hugo votes.

But here's the worst part:
MAYER: The Hugos will be given out this Saturday at the World Science Fiction Convention, where organizers will also meet to discuss changing the nomination process. Petra Mayer, NPR News.
An innocuous concluding statement, right?

Except for the glaring omission of "Sasquan", "Spokane" and "73rd WorldCon". WorldCons are individual efforts done by a particular hardworking community cohort each year, and as far as NPR's coverage, it might as well be a secret cabal meeting in an undisclosed location. I mean, Wikipedia got the reporting right: "The 2015 Hugos will be presented at the 73rd Worldcon, Sasquan, in Spokane, Washington on August 22, 2015."

Except maybe for missing the word "Saturday." (grin) Way to go, NPR, you got that right.

Dr. Phil

*** Please note that "Puppies" is what the two puppy groups called themselves. I do not use it as a pejorative.

75th WorldCon NOTE: Hugo voting is long over, but if you are AT Sasquan, you can still vote for the 75th WorldCon site selection. Me? I voted for Helsinki, as you could guess from my LJ icon.
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