They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
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The Dog Days of August

While some 75+ wildfires are roaring out West -- Sasquan, the 73rd WorldCon just concluded in Spokane WA, was heavy with smoke some days, even could be smelled inside the convention center -- our weather here in West Michigan is just a wee mite different.

Last full week of August and the highs have been 69°F, 66°F, 60°F and 68°F so far today. Overnights the last two nights have been in the fifties. Gray, overcast days and rain.

The last two mornings one could have, in theory, moved the heat pump over from cooling to heating. I've been wearing my heavy black sweatshirt all week.

Ah, weather. Unpredictable in its infinite variations on a theme.

For the record, the global average temperature for July 2015 was the warmest in the database.

Interesting side note -- I saw a map of the smoke plumes from the fires out West and they almost make it to Illinois. Don't worry about global warming heat waves and drought, we'll just let it all burn and then block out the sun and create untold -illions of nucleation sites for rain to form. (snort)

Also, the BP refinery in Indiana is back up again, so everyone burn all the gasoline you want for Labor Day!

And the selling frenzy on Wall Street has cooled off a bit, too. The Dow closed at 16,285.51, up 619.07 (3.95%) today. Doesn't negate all of the slide from last week, but even so. Stay the course, good buddies...

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