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As a few reviews/comments start trickling in on the Beta 1 book AND I am getting ready for school on Tuesday, I am flitting about working on this and that which needs working on.

Besides continuing to start on Query letters (a very painful process), doing some tweaks of Book 1 and starting up the Book 2 Edit Pass 2 phase, I am also looking at maps. Need to make town maps for Sommerhus and Nunuuvit. But it occurred to me that here we have a Lost Kingdom that doesn't appear on any maps, perhaps I had better MAKE a map which shows where the damned thing is.

I searched through my IMAGES directory, because I remember finding a nice map of Scandinavia -- Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. This one is particularly nice because a lot of maps DON'T bother to show the Arctic Circle. When you have a secret kingdom located just north of the Arctic Circle, this is particularly useful. Also, all the action in Book 1 runs from the north of Norway to Copenhagen -- basically the whole left side of the map.

And lo and behold, when I checked out the source, it is possible to use it as a stock image -- and modify it (I think they're looking at some of the tourist pages using 502.gif, not necessarily a novel) -- as long as you give it credit. Should be possible to license the map as well for publication, when I have a publisher who wants to worry about that.

So, without further ado, I give you:

The Locator map for the Kingdom of Eisbergen (est. 460 A.D.)

Base Map: Copyright World Sites Atlas (

Full size files: Color or Grayscale for cheaper printing.

Version 1.15, the latest Map of Eisbergen, is here. It will soon be updated as well.

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