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Today's Sunday GRPress also had, on page I1 of the Opinion section, the following editorial at the top of the page. It was a joint statement of the editorial boards of The Press and the Kalamazoo Gazette, which both encompass the 80th Michigan state legislative district, and in its entirety is says, "No":

It took several tries to get this -- the Kindle Fire HD has a user-facing camera only, so I had the paper in one hand and the Kindle in the other. But the shutter release is on the screen and even with the case, the Kindle is slippery. Finally I rested the Kindle on the top of my four-footed cane. (evil-grin)
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I posted this to Facebook, adding the comment:
Philip Edward Kaldon And the cowardly adulterous compatriot who was the other half of this pair and resigned rather than be expelled, after wasting money and time in the Michigan legislature, has decided he may run for his old seat. Agreeing with his girlfriend that the voters should decide, with permission from his wife. Ugh. -- Dr. Phil
In case you need context, Cindy Gamrat (R) and Todd Courser (R), managed to merge their offices in Lansing "to save money". Actually, though both married to other people, they used their shiny new combined office to cover their affair. It was eventually exposed, in part because the staff members refused to be part of the coverup. Courser thought he could put the dogs off the scent by producing a fake email smear campaign, outing him as gay -- apparently a fate worth than death or adultery.

In case you think this is only about the sex, remember they spent government money in order to conduct their affair. It was, apparently, a "mistake".

Rather than resign and let the State Legislature work on stuff like a third Real Try at funding desperately needed road repairs, they insisted on staying put until weeks of investigations and hand wringing and a vote late into the night resulted in... Gamrat being expelled from the State House and her brave suiter, Courser, bravely deciding to resign just before he was voted out as well.

Then this past week, Gamrat decided that since the voters hadn't weighed in on this, she was going to run for her seat in the special election. It is apparently legal to do so. But previously the Allegan County Republican Party had expelled her as well. Then Courser announced he was going to do the same -- run in the special election -- after getting approval (this time) from his wife.

The Detroit Free Press said "Disgraced lawmakers Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat apparently think their constituents are suckers, as they seek to win back their seats."

Should either succeed, they will have proudly thumbed their noses at the morality they have previously professed and, given their stand on cutting costs, forced the state to expend a small fortune on both their investigations, hearings, votes and, of course, the special election. Oh, I suppose all those costs were ALREADY spent -- all because they neither one of them were capable of doing the honorable thing and resign from office once their duplicity was discovered.

But I guess it's a Michigan thing.

Dr. Phil
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