They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Oh, I Am SO Excited -- They Listened And Answered My Prayers!

Or... The Problem With Low Information Click Bait -- Part III

So I've posted twice about an egregious Triple-Redundant Click Bait on Tesla or something from last Monday (DW) (LJ) and Friday (DW) (LJ).

Well, Evelyn Hernandez was BACK on my Facebook with an all-new Sponsored post, but this time she listened and actually has a personal claim! Sort of... I am disappointed that the overall savings claim has dropped from "up to 75 percent" to just "slash your electric bills by 70 percent". Or maybe that tells you how realistic their new claims are -- they don't have to be outrageous and strain your credulity:

I never built anything in my entire life but this was so easy I was making my own electricity in 3 short days. If you have a couple of minutes I definitely recommend giving this video a watch.
And look at this: "Electric companies are trying to keep this technology from being exposed! This small versatile machine can power any electrical device..."

Um, still sounds like a portable generator.

And I have NO idea what the graphic is trying to show us here. We're igniting light bulbs from the inside? Will this still work with a CFL or an LED bulb? You just don't know.

My friend Eric, of course, gets in on the joke. Referring to movie The Prestige, a movie I highly recommend if you haven't seen it***, where David Bowie played Nikola Tesla...
Eric VanNewkirk If you clicked through, you'd see that the important thing about the generator is that it's the duplicate gennie that showed up in the field alongside those top hats and kittens when he "failed" to teleport it.
Hope he didn't actually click through.

And it gets better. Because while I won't click on such bait, I can look at a Facebook page. And look, Evelyn Hernandez isn't a person, she's a Community.

You have to "Ask for Evelyn Hernandez's website". Now who does that? Except scammers and people who need to hide their identity on a regular basis. And if you look for more information:

About Evelyn Hernandez
No information available for this Page.

Scrolling down, this Facebook page seems to be about skin care products and food. I don't see the Tesla thingies at all. But I'm not the only getting this crap, because:

Visitor posts...Please stop sharing this scam stuff about Tesla.

Oh yeah, I just want to rush to click on a link titled ENCRYPTED.

Personally, I think that this could be some maybe legit reposting page that has gotten hijacked by spammers? That would be the most charitable view.

But either way, I'm not clicking on ANY of those links.

The ball is back in your court Evelyn Hernandez. And what about you, Christine Bishop?

Dr. Phil

*** -- Including the always wonderful Michael Caine and a non-CGI Andy Serkis!
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