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And Poof... the Power was Gone...

I'm living on borrowed time. I suppose, in a sense, we all are. But right now I'm referring to OUEST, the university's Dell laptop in my office. It's on its battery, and since it's an old laptop and I haven't used it on the battery much, I'm not trusting the battery gauge. It'll last as long as it lasts.

An hour ago I was sitting here minding by own business, when I heard one of the grad students next door yank a plug out of the wall socket, followed by a loud buzzing, and then the realization that my little fan was spinning down and the display on OUEST had dimmed.

Yup. Power was out.

I called out to the grad student, who said the outlet was "broken" and had pulled from the wall. Yeah, and I bet a wire got crossed, too. I sent him down to report it and also sent an email downstairs. My chair came up shortly later and verified he could see a broken wire. And though I still had the overhead lights, the hallway emergency lighting was on -- so the second floor was probably down.

In this last hour a maintenance guy came by and repaired the outlet. But we're still down.

The current situation -- sorry, bad pun not intended -- is that the maintenance people are trying to figure out where the heck the circuit breakers are for the second floor of Everett Tower. I had suggested the Mechanical Room next to the bathroom or the Telco room next to the elevator. But there's nothing in either the Mechanical Room or the Maintenance room -- and they don't have a key to the Telco room. It's not in the Bradley Commons conference room. So, the guys are on the phone trying to figure it out.

The last I heard eavesdropping on their walkie-talkie conversation is that the breakers for the six-story Everett Tower are every other floor. So presumably they have to find the box on the first or third floors.

Not sure if the power will be back on before I leave today.

Not doing anything mission critical on OUEST right now.

54% charge left. 49%...

Dr. Phil

UPDATE: They found the box, but the power was still off. I wonder if they "thought" all the breakers were set, rather than cycling it and making sure. They came back a few minutes later and when I flipped my power strip ON, my little fan started spinning up. Yay! But why are the emergency lights still on? Oh, there's a reset.

Naturally, when I shut down OUEST to go, I was on Update 1 of 8...

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