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Whadya Know? It Didn't Quite Take Hammer and Tongs to Fix Office 2013

Long time readers of this blog will know that I have used dinosaur applications for years. Office 95 was good enough to write in. I had a large base of documents and spreadsheets written. WHY must I switch versions of Office? Especially when they keep changing the damned document formats.

I used Office 2003 with the Office 2007 file extensions for some years now on my Windows XP machines, for compatibility with more modern documents. All the while still being able to use Office 95 as well in XP. Going to Windows 7 forced me to go to only Office 2003 on KATNISS, and Wendy's Windows 7 machines, ZEPPELIN and CAROUSEL, have Office 2010. And I have found an accommodation with the Word and Excel 97-2003 file versions. Then came Office 2013 on OUEST, the first university machine they've ever given me.

Yes, files are still compatible. But what the hell is with this obnoxious animation, which causes the screen to pseudo-scroll herky-jerky? Worse, I couldn't even turn the damned thing off.

Today I finally tried again, using Google on "office 2013 turn off animations" and lo-and-behold, success:
This week, Rafael has published the fix in his post Disabling animations in Office 2013, which still works in the currently-available Public Preview version of Office 2013. It’s available as a downloadable registry tweak which you can easily install. But the entry within looks like so:


To see the effect, you’ll need to reboot your computer.

To reverse the effect, change the value of the added DWORD to its default of 0.
I hate crap like that. You shouldn't need a Registry hack just to turn off some goddamned Microsoft Office "feature" that crept in through the pet door in the middle of the night and vomited on the new carpeting.

But further down someone else was more sensible:
kinghunter77 on Jun 23, 2013

Another way to turn off animations in Office 2013, which does NOT involve going into the registry, is as follows (quoted from Excel 2013 built-in help):

"Turn off Office animations

Office 2013 is the first release to use hardware acceleration throughout the user experience to deliver beautiful, fluid animations. But if you use your computer without a display or just prefer to block unnecessary animations, you have the choice to turn them off.

1.Open the Ease of Access Center (shown below) by pressing the Windows logo key + U.

2.Under Explore all settings, click Use the computer without a display.

3.Under Adjust time limits and flashing visuals, click Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible).

4.Click OK."
Wait, this was in Excel 2013 Help?

I was so busy trying to find an Options screen or something, like every other version, that I'm not sure I tried Help. Of course, Help is no long Help. It is not sitting there on the right-hand pull-down menu. I think Help is on the FILE tab page in Word 2010. In Office 2013, you just have to know to click on the anemic grey "?" in the upper right-hand corner where no one ever looks.

But as to why I couldn't find a simple "turn off animations" checkbox, I was looking in the wrong place. Silly me, why should I use it as an option in Word 2013 or Excel 2013. It is completely OBVIOUS even to the most casual observer, that I should go to the section to "Optimize for blindness." (eye-rolls)

Really, Microsoft? That's where you put the fucking toggle? Under BLINDNESS?


And hey, it works!

Wow, now I can use Word 2013 and Excel 2013 without feeling seasick. And, it makes me a teeny-tiny bit more optimistic about Office 365, which we will have to use in 2016 in order to get campus e-mail. Because after using Word 95 for decades, out of Office 95, Office 97, Office 2003 -- then Office 2010 on Wendy's machines -- I _REALLY_ hated using Office 2013 on the university's laptop OUEST at work. Really. Hated.

I can't fix how the screens work, because I don't "own" this machine, and they've got some settings locked down tight. Ugh. I suppose this is why I happily owned my own machines for 22 years, even though it was obnoxious that I had to spend my own meager part-time teaching money for THEIR work.

Now, if only I could get MathType to truly support their older equations, so that Word doesn't blow up if I double click on an old equation block -- and have to retype the stupid thing...

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