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Another Bullet Dodged

Whew, That Was Close

I only had a contract for one class for the Fall semester, which isn't particularly great money-wise. Then BP has to go and squirrel things up with their little Arctic pipeline... Isn't $3.30 a gallon enough? There was a good chance that my gasoline costs could consume my entire paycheck...

But yesterday the department chair sent an email wondering if I'd be willing to take a second class. Oh, sure -- that took about 0.01 seconds to figure out. And as I am coming in on Wednesdays these days to do paperwork, etc., I now have a signed second contract for the second course. Whooeee. Now I can buy gas and make a couple of house payments during the Fall semester.

Buy Me A New Battery!

Of course yesterday I stopped to get gas, in case gas was higher this morning. And when I went to leave -- the "new" 1996 Blazer didn't want to start. Rapid fire clicking from the starter. Darn thing needed to be jumped. Got it home and it started up fine three times in a row. Decided NOT to put in on the charger. This morning it barely wanted to start, but it did, so I decided to pay Sears a visit and end the torture -- Daddy gonna buy you a Die-Hard Gold, just like you always wanted.

That should end that little saga, we hope. (grin)

Dr. Phil

Oh, and gas was down 3 or 4 cents this morning. (double-grin)

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