They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

The View From Up Here

I am sitting up in this wheelchair thing as I write this, but not for long. It's getting uncomfortable. In fact, I'm off.

The limiting factor is the Kiwi brace on my stump. Really need to have it on, but I can't tolerate it long. I've been pain free for the last few days. Neurontin alone seems to hold me. I haven't had any Norco -- I thought this was oxycontin plus Tylenol, but it's hydrocodone and Tylenol -- either way I want to be using it sparingly. Indeed, the pain with the Kiwi wasn't as bad as sometimes, and it faded quickly -- no Norco needed.

But this was a first. I've sat up at the edge of the bed successfully, with support. But today they got a chair and used the Hoyer lift to lift me like cargo on an old ship, and have me sit it in a chair.

From there I could be pushed down to the PT gym. Ah, my old friend -- all the old challenges must be reconquered. Standing up. The parallel bars. The walk across the width of the gym. The walk across the length of the gym. The shallow stairs. The steeper stairs. The hallways...

Fortunately I am starting from a much stronger core and far less leg atrophy, since it wasn't six weeks of flat-on-the-back this time. They also told me to have Mrs. Dr. Phil bring in my walker. Whee! And away we go.

And this was the first real day here in rehab, you might say. After a holiday weekend where all the schedules get bollixed up.

So... progress.

Dr. Phil
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