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Exponential Progress

So things continue here on the fifth floor. Not much to say about life up here, all the action is down in the gyms on one.

Oh, I should point out that the fifth floor pantry includes little cups of vanilla ice cream, which was the perfect addition to another round of Mrs. Dr. Phil's crustless pumpkin pie. Mmm. There's like oatmeal sprinkled on the pie plate, but no formal crust.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015 we achieved a big PT breakthrough. Chris said that we'd be working towards getting me wheeled to the parallel bars and trying to get me up on one leg. I said let's try today. My leg and core strength is so much higher than it was when I started therapy in 2013. Nothing to lose in trying. And actually we got me up for... one second the first time, three seconds the second time. As expected, it felt hard standing after a couple of weeks, as expected. But I did it. Yay, me.

So today, Wednesday, Chris wanted me to try the parallel bars again. Goals? 3 and 5 seconds, or 5 and 10 seconds.

What actually happened.

The first try didn't go. Not a problem. Didn't happen.

The next first try didn't almost happen, but I powered myself up to full leg extension. And started counting. Loud.

One, two, three, four, ... fifty-eight, fifty-nine, sixty... we're done.

Also managed to do hand shifts on the parallel bars.

Second try... seventy-five, with better weight shift.

So, maybe not quite really seconds, but we counted them as such. 60 and 75 seconds.

Was not expecting that on day two of standing. Y'all should be fucking impressed. I certainly am.

Still weeks to go -- how many, we don't know. Chatted with Randy, the guy who did the home eval in 2013, the one the insurance insisted on yet we all knew was too early. He remembered the excitement of trying to get up the old garage stairs.

I am clearly much better than they initially figured. This current sit up and reclining wheelchair sucks as both a wheeled vehicle and as a chair. Everyone wants me in a regular chair by tomorrow. That will be a relief.

Still, I am currently still sitting up. 2½ hours, including 1½ hours of PT and OT.

We take our victories in small steps, so to speak.

Oh -- sounds like we'll be back up to three stuffed in room 17 tonight. Sigh. I was liking the calm. And the crapshoot of who's next... shitty.

Dr. Phil

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