They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Whatta Relief

The brown pseudo-loungechair/wheelchair with the drunken sailor steering option is gone. A more normal wheelchair has replaced it. Big thick seat cushion. And they were able to put the wooden slideboard under the pad and support the stump and the ill-fitting Kiwi brace.

Kara called from the PT gym -- Hanger should be out tomorrow to try to fix the brace.

Tuesday 1 December -- 1 and 2 second stands on one leg

Wednesday 2 December -- 60 and 75 seconds

Thursday 3 December -- 80, 100 and 60 seconds

We're a long way from coming home, but making remarkable progress -- way ahead of the curve.

A covered hot plate on my lunch tray? Oh, onion rings. One tends to forget which menu is up, since the ones you fill out today are for tomorrow. As expected, whatever crispiness there might've been, was steamed out in transport. But with ketchup they were fun. Cole slaw, lightly dressed with a vinegar base, not a creamy one, was the first salad I've ordered. I'm not stupid.

The cabbage rolls at dinner weren't as good as my father's, but whose would be?

Mrs. Dr. Phil stopped by Ferris Coffee and Nut on the way over, it's just up the street from GVSU's downtown campus, and brought roasted jumbo cashews -- salted and unsalted. Hmm. Never had a plain cashew before. We'll ration both of these from time to time. Yum. I adore cashews...

And after touting the Detroit/Green Bay game as being on the unavailable NFL Network, I guess we're local market and the game is on CBS channel 3.

Currently rereading drafts of my entire YA series. Into Book 4 and college years. Sure it needs editing and finishing, but damn I write good. (grin)


Dr. Phil

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