They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

A Long Strange Adventure

It's Saturday and approaching 60°F... on the 12th of December.

Friday I had a 10:30 appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. I have the original dressing from the surgery, three weeks ago. He wanted that on there as long as possible.

I had a thought in the night -- were they going to ship me on a stretcher or a wheelchair? My legs are so short, I wasn't sure a wheelchair was advisable. Nope, stretcher. Fine.

Except it was going to be a wheelchair. Sigh. Too late to change. I took two Tylenol 500s before we left. And then... this 3rd wheelchair didn't fit on the lift for the ambulance. The wheels made it, but the rings for hand pushing hit the guards on the ramp. No go.

So... back up to fifth floor. Hmm... maybe the push rings can come off -- there are bolts. Maintenance guys came up and invited me down to the basement. Ooh, inner sanctum.

Excitement 1: We had to get on one of the service elevators. As the doors opened, one of the cleaning crew was in distress -- had said something about almonds. They helped her out, gasping horribly and someone yelled at the nursing station for an epipen. As we got on the elevator, they were helping her slide down the wall to get her down.

Ah, the machine shop. Chaos and organization. Pegboards with new rubber belts neatly aligned in increasing sizes. Tool chests. Big machine tools. Alas, undoing the nuts didn't do any good. The bolts were mounted inside the wheel rims -- you have to take the tires off first. Who designs these things? Does anyone from wheelchair companies to ambulance lift vendors ever hear of a thing called standards?

Excitement 2: The woman from housekeeping was lying on the floor, the doctor was there, they had an IV going. They wheeled me back to the nurses station the long way around. By now it was way past 10:30 -- and all of Life's regular ambulances were out on E-calls. No surgeon visit today.

I made sure they contacted Mrs. Dr. Phil, who should've been in the waiting room, was notified of the launch abort. I stayed up in my wheelchair, for lunch, OT and PT in the afternoon. I got another card with an Amazon gift card. The Kindles keep me connected and entertained. (grin)

Even better, the day before Mrs. Dr. Phil caught up with my physical therapist, and we went outside (!) to evaluate whether we could go outside, and got approved to get "hall passes" like we did in 2013. Overcast on Thursday, but there was at one point a really bright spot in the murk.

So Friday after lunch we went just a little way down the drive to a bench and sat in sunshine. Still a bit cool, but I had the kitty fleece blanket -- just like old times.

OT yesterday had me wheeling down the hallway and we did 5 sit to stands with the railings in the shower room. Then I was taken downstairs to wait for PT. Did another five stands in the parallel bars, including twice turning 90°, but I can't yet take a step. -- So at PT today, we did six stands, including one to my walker! Again, the handles are a bit far out and I can't yet step, so the walker stand wasn't for long, but it's MY walker. Beginning to work on shifting my weight more towards my right hip, working on dealing with my new support line.

We are still ahead of the curve.

Ravioli for lunch. At this point I routinely order 2 of things like pizza and mannicotti -- so I order two ravioli. Gosh, I got a nice pile of meat ravioli with meat sauce. Yum.

Not perfect here -- it's too hot in these rooms -- but I know how to bear it, I know how to get out of here. One of the PT helpers today said I was the hardest working person in the gym. Not quite sure of that, I've seen some pretty heroic sessions in the gym, but it sure sound nice.

Hey, the British weren't home by Christmas in WW I, either. (grin)

Dr. Phil

Ooh -- we're looking at maybe hosting a small Game Night for a few friends here soon, weather and everything permitting. Hey, our home isn't currently set up for hosting much of anything right now, so Fuller Street is a bonus. (wicked-grin)

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