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Presents In The P.O. Box

I've been expecting a package at the ol' P.O. Box, so wasn't surprised to see a package slip behind the glass. But it wasn't a package from New Mexico. Instead it was from Australia.

Recently I resubscribed to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine -- 1 year (6 issues) to the U.S. is A$69, which works out to US$54.29. Actually, I had the renewal notice but put it aside because I was hip deep in other work. But John Scalzi's blog mentioned he'd just gotten a copy of Simon Haynes' SF novel "Hal Spacejock", along with other items. Down in the comments, I mentioned that Simon Haynes is one of the founders of ASIM, which I was just reminded to resubscribe to. Pimping one's own or other people's work is encouraged when appropriate on Scalzi's blog, so I thought nothing of explaining where Simon fit in the Australian SF universe.

To my surprise I got an email from Simon thanking me for the shout out. Along with saying that ASIM Issue 24 would shortly be on its way, Simon said he was sending me a signed copy of "Hal Spacejock". Wow, presents. Gee, thanks Simon!

Let this be a lesson, good friends. Sometimes being nice to others and spreading the word can result in prizes. (grin) Not that that is the reason to do it. (double-grin) But unsolicited signed books is fun:

For Dr Phil
Thanks for supporting Andromeda Spaceways
Simon Haynes

Good Things In Small Packages

First story I ran across in Issue 24 was Brian Tillotson's "Wash and Wear". I have to say, I think this is the best "under 100 word" story I've read in a long time. Okay, it made me laugh. Even though the title telegraphs what it going to happen, the last line delivers the payoff in an unexpected direction. And that's just the first story.

ASIM doesn't pay a lot, but it is an SF market writers should consider. It gets reviewed and a lot of people wish it well. As I've said elsewhere, "ASIM is the finest Australian SF magazine I've ever subscribed to." (lopsided-grin)

ASIM Do-It-Yourself Repair Kit

Issue 23 apparently had an error on pages 98-99. I guess it was a story I didn't read. So with Issue 24 they conveniently provided a pair of removable sticker sheets to correct the error. Removable means you can still fix it if you screw it up one or more times. (grin) Now that's service. Would that Microsoft provide service fixes that were so user-friendly...

Random Trivia

While typing this, they just ran again the latest trailer for Snakes on a Plane. It has a rousing rock anthem in the background -- could this be "The Love Theme From Snakes on a Plane"? (double-edged-grin)

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