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Hadn't planned on having all the fun year end holidays in hospital, but here we are. It's not so bad. We're making progress, I have zero pain and I got to miss all the holiday traffic. Today was Boxing Day and I ended up with no therapy.

A recovery day. And nothing to do?

I've been running about five hours in the wheelchair, so I got out of bed with a slide transfer and planned to eat dinner sitting up. But I miscalculated. No therapy meant no sit to stands, so chance to fix my undershorts. So I only lasted three hours. Okay...

For Christmas they only had one-third the therapy staff. But I managed to arrange for PT and OT, the sessions ended up at 10 and 11:20. Managed to hop about 4½ feet. Hand weights for exercises up to 7 lbs on both hands. Progress.

We also sat outside on Christmas, under a threatening bright blue sky and still warm temps in the upper 40s. Pretty much a Greensboro (NC) Christmas. Mud at best. Headed to the conference room near my room when we came in. We'd gotten a new roommate that night, but by the time we headed back to my room, they'd moved him. He needed a recliner and there wasn't a good place to put it -- it blocked the wheelchairs going in and out. He's got more room now I gather.

Mrs. Dr. Phil brought a lovely picnic basket of sorts -- a wheeled Office Depot/Max box. We had a lovely meal. Stollen and poppyseed and butter. A small cup of eggnog from the Holiday meal lunch tray. A decent banana. 1½ clementines. Two pieces of deep dish pizza from 327 Pizza in Coopersville, bought on Christmas Eve. Alas, they no longer do Chicago stuffed... The stocking had a four pack of large Hershey Kisses -- with toasted hazelnut. You gotta have chocolate on Christmas, preferably on Christmas morning, but whenever...

Mrs. Dr. Phil made a lovely card with a Kliban kittie and got me a Moleskin Darth Vader 2016 planner -- very nice. (She saw the film today... Sigh.) And Ben & Lisa sent a Zingerman's cheese box. We'll save that for another day -- we were stuffed.

A very pleasant day.

Dr. Phil

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