They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

The Last Monday Of 2015

Ah, the other shoe...

I got a breath of fresh air after OT at around 10am. At that time it was around 28°F, a bit brisk for shorts, but with long socks there wasn't much exposed leg. A cold breeze. Bracing and gray, but nice to get a bit of fresh air. The sidewalks were already covered in chunks of blue salt.

The snow started around 1. It was the opposite of the other day. This time the roads I saw were white and the grass was still green.

At 2 stuff started rattling off the windows. It got serious around 4. Now we're actually hearing the wind. Normally we hear nothing from the windows.

We're in the ¼"-½" estimate of ice range. Driving is bad. Mrs. Dr. Phil is hunkered down in the house. The forecast for rain and above freezing should ameliorate things... eventually. Maybe some snow on Wednesday -- please get the ice off the roads first -- then lake effect to finish the year.

Interesting possibility I learned about yesterday. Given that I've spent two years dragging an unfeeling lower leg around, I should enquire about a temporary prosthetic leg. They'd have to keep changing the caps as we go through the shrinkers, but man it should be way easier to NOT have to learn how to walk on one leg. Depends on how my stump is healing, but lord this would be a game changer.

The Dept. Of TMI

Feel free to stop reading here if you like...

Sunday after I got off the bedpan, the aide found an undissolved pill. Then a second. Then a third. WTF? All the same kind. Quickly identified as potassium pills -- unlike the ones I've been taking, these have a hard shell which I guess I don't penetrate. This apparently is a thing -- the aides are supposed to look for undissolved pills. I take these about every twelve hours, so this is at least two days worth. Pharmacy will send a different kind tomorrow. One wonders if this has been going on all along...


Dr. Phil

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