They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
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Vin Diesel Does "And That's How You Do The Bunny Hop Hop"

Wednesday we visited the orthopedic surgeon again. Continuing to like the look of the stump. The one dog ear seems to be going away nicely. The other one is where the healing is a bit behind -- New dressing directions to try to encourage it to behave. I don't want to have to do a "revision".

Also finished my WOTF submission, completely on the Kindle Fire HD. I'm using Office Pro 7, and it just went through two upgrades. Some features may have been there before, but just are more usable -- or are new. The menus have all changed, once you figure out how to turn the menus on. Page headers with numbers, able to change fonts and have different first page. Can turn .DOC into .RTF or even PDF. Didn't test the latter, Adobe Acrobat still broken and failing reinstalls.

Got clearance today to do stand and pivots to and from the bed. Much better than slideboards, especially as I can adjust my underwear while standing. (grin)

This week we've done a bit with the parallel bars, after a hiatus of maybe ten days. OT did some exercises with weights Tuesday or Wednesday. Today, Thursday and The Last Day Of 2015, PT had me in there to do some deep knee bends. After doing 3, 6 and 9 or 10, I suggested we try a hop in the parallel bars.

Now, for those of you who have been doing well on the weekly quizzes and are studying for the mid-term exam, you should recall that due to the friction stripes and frankly my inability to get my foot off the ground, we've done no hops in the parallel bars. We've done some hopping with the walker, two good days and several less than good days. No four or five feet travel like we have done.

So today, we got a hop. Then several hops. Hops down about three feet, from the middle of the parallel bars to almost the end. Twice. And this is three feet in one stand, instead or six or eight with microhops.

And I am not talking microhops. I'm talking at least an inch of air between shoe and floor.


I may walk again!

Anyway, onward...

Dr. Phil

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